Sunday, May 29, 2016

Happy, happy birthday, Sammy, dear!

On April 2, we celebrated this guy's first birthday!  He is so much fun.  This boy loves to be outdoors more than anything, so it was appropriate that Jared declared the theme of Sammy's birthday party to be "Outside Fun."  
 I made this cake that was supposed to look like a sand castle.  Unfortunately, if you squint, it doesn't really even help.  It did taste good, though.  When we fed the missionaries the next day, they were happy to devour the leftovers.  It was a yellow cake with peanut butter frosting and brown sugar "sand."
 Our celebration started with Sammy opening a couple of presents.  We got him a new night light, since he has pulled apart most of the night lights in the house.  These ones looked a little bit more baby proof.
 Grandma and Grandpa Knight know how much he loves balls, so they got him a ball toy.  Grandma Jill sent a toy hippo that makes burping noises.  Thanks, Mom.  That's a truly classy toy.  Grandpa Michael brought a big blue ball, which is light enough to throw around the house without breaking anything.  Despite the looks of concentration and bewilderment, Sammy was very interested in the new toys.  He was bewildered by Jared leaping around him in circles, exclaiming with delight.
 The Arizona Knights joined us for singing "Happy Birthday," and Eloise and B blew out the candle when Sammy reached for it.
 Sammy ate a lot of frosting.
 B thought that he should be able to put his hands in the cake, too.  I think he was a little jealous of all of the attention that Sammy was getting.  B loves birthdays and holidays, though.  We hear about his plans for his birthday at least three times a day, and he believes that everything relating to Christmas is his very own.
 Sammy did some pretty good damage to the cake, and the rest of us nibbled on the other side.
 After the cake it was time for the traditional first birthday bath.  The bath is one of Sammy's only indoor happy places.  I was finally able to capture this very Sammy smile with his chin in the air.  It isn't the best quality picture, but this is how I will remember one year old Sammy.
Happy birthday, Sammy Sweet!  You are our family's pride and joy.

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