Sunday, May 29, 2016

Burke Museum

This is Sammy beckoning for me to come to him.  It took me a few weeks to figure out what this limp had was, but it is definitely an upside down "come."  He doesn't do this much anymore, since he has learned to call me over more clearly, but it was a sweet little gesture.  
 Rebecca and I have missed our epic eight child field trips all over Puget Sound since Daniel was born.  She decided that since he was three whole months old, it was time to go to free museum day in April.  The Christensens picked the Burke Museum of Natural History at the University of Washington.
 The small Knights still have very small bladders, so we spent a lot of time going back and forth between exhibits and one very out of the way bathroom.  I feel like that is the story of a lot of my outings with the kids these days.  I can't expect a single picnic to involve fewer than three bathroom trips, so a visit to a museum should be more in the 6-8 potty stops range.  You may notice that B ends this outing in different pants than he started in.  There was only one bathroom, and sometimes when you are three you can't wait.

The dinosaur stuff was really cool.
 Washington has only had one dinosaur discovery.  Growing up in Utah, which is a paleontologist's wonderland, I assumed that the whole world was just bursting with dinosaur bones, but they are much less common here.  It isn't just the dampness of the climate, either, since half of Washington is at least as dry as parts of Utah.  The volcano information was also very interesting.

 Everyone had a chance to write what environmental issues they are worried about on this brown paper.  Our kids are worried about pollution in Lake Washington.
 Downstairs the exhibits were about indigenous peoples around the world, and their cultural traditions.  Here are Grant and Eloise trying out the African masks.
 When we got hungry we ate outside in a little courtyard.  Rebecca and I always just open our coolers and let the kids pick whichever lunch they prefer.  It's a fun way to picnic with friends.
 Thanks for a fun outing, Christensens!  I look forward to doing this many more times.

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