Sunday, May 29, 2016

April Photo Dump

Brace yourselves for some Knight adorableness.  Grandpa Michael brought Eloise the book that she recently proclaimed her favorite book in the world.  She had checked it out of the library twice in a month, so I thought it was safe to recommend it.  She probably reads it every day now.  The book is "The Story of Ferdinand" by Munro Leaf.  
 Here are some more things that we did:
School work at the table
 playing/working outside (April was much warmer than May).
 We pulled all of the weeds out of our garden area and dug holes to put new posts around it.  This meant lots of worm hunting.  Sammy likes to chew on rocks, so he got a dirt beard.
 Family gardening party led to group bath.  This is pretty rare anymore.  Jared prefers to shower.
 If I remember correctly, B and Eloise were exhausted because we ran errands on a preschool day.  This was also the day that B learned about the Lincoln assassination.  His response was priceless.  "That is NOT okay!"
 Eloise likes to learn about states, so she checked out a book on South Dakota from the library.  Since the entire population of South Dakota is less than 1/4 of the population of the Seattle metropolitan area, the only thing there was to talk about in South Dakota was Mt. Rushmore.  Eloise is extra interested in how old people are at death, ever since she learned that Alexander the Great was the same age as Daddy when he died.  She even wrote a play about it called, "The Death of Alexander," which has been rehearsed with Audrey, but never yet performed.  If you are wondering, Abraham Lincoln met his untimely demise at precisely Grandpa Michael's current age.
 I put the sunglasses on Sammy and he left them on long enough to copy me saying "Cool!"  I was surprised that he would leave them on so long.
 Sammy sits in his own place for pizza night.  We try to keep him strapped in as long as we can so that everyone else has a chance to eat before he starts pillaging their plates for uneaten carrots.  This boy has a total of three molars, but he seems to think that carrots are a forbidden ambrosia.
 I tried to distract Sammy at stake conference by taking pictures of him, but he really wanted to get out of there.  He looks sweet in his little suit, though.
 When we learned about the building of the Great Wall of China, and about Confucius, we had to try a little Chinese calligraphy ourselves.  Jared, who is usually resistant to anything that could claim to be art, got really into this.
 What is with kids wanting to be barefoot on wood chips?  This is a thing that I do not understand.

 We decided to shake up our normal dog walk routine by going to downtown Kirkland and walking around at Marina Park.
 We picked the right day for this, since the Kirkland Fire department was doing water rescue training in the Marina Park waters.
 Since this statue was not suitable for climbing, Eloise, Jared, and B had to join hands with the stationary runners and mime running for the water with them.
 Then we went to the Marina park pavilion and had a dance party as we sang to ourselves.  We're so cool.
April 29 was take your child to work day.  B was sad that he is still too young for this event, so I took him out for a cookie and some milk.  Obviously this was a Friday, since getting dressed is optional on Fridays.  I can't believe how this kid is growing.  These pajamas are way too small.
 Then we went home and packed for our trip to Georgia!   Sammy thought he was super hilarious climbing in and out of the suitcases.  I love this toothy little grin.
April was our uneventful month of the year.  We obviously no longer do uneventful very well.

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