Sunday, May 29, 2016

A fancy birthday

For Eloise and Sammy's birthdays, their Georgia cousins sent them a package with dissolving bath colors.  They were a huge hit.  
 The Friday before Eloise's birthday we took a picnic to Lake Washington.  We finally got our new state parks discover pass for the year so that we could hike down to the lake in St. Edward State Park.  This is going to be a great summer for hiking.  There was hardly any whining, even though the lunch packs were heavy.
 It was a cool, quiet day on the trail.  Maybe a little cooler than some of these kids anticipated when they chose to leave their jackets in the car.
 Between the chill off of the lake, and the dog who would not stop barking while the kids ate (upsetting one tired baby), we didn't stay by the water for very long.
 B announced that he was tired as soon as we started up the hill from the lake, but we managed to keep him distracted with little games, and he made it all of the steep half mile uphill under his own power.
Jared prefers not to get dressed on Fridays, if it can be avoided.  I thought that everyone would be too tired to play on the playground after the hike, but I must have forgotten that we are NEVER too tired to play.
 B was on an airplane to Texas to see his cousin Maren.  He misses Maren.
 Sammy was delighted to get out of the carrier.  He thought that this little bridge was a personal trampoline.
 Eventually I did have to drag everyone home for naps and quiet time.  That evening, instead of our usual Friday pizza night, we took the family out to the Olive Garden for a birthday dinner.  Here is Eloise all gussied up and ready to go.  I remember that restaurant outing as five trips to the bathroom with brief visits to the table in between.  This will change as they get older, right?
 For Eloise's birthday, she requested a chocolate cake with yellow frosting.  I love the simple requests. B is asking for a cake shaped like an water plane on pontoons for his birthday, although he did like Eloise's "bumblebee cake."
 Eloise's birthday party was a fancy teddy bear brunch.  We all dressed up in our best five year old chic (read: wear all of the sparkly things!).  She invited a few friends, who all brought a stuffed animal.  They played pin the tail on the dog, bounced their stuffed buddies on their knees, and set their fluffy friends around our coffee table with play food for their banquet.  
Jared played along by putting a vest over his t-shirt.  Max wore a full suit.  He whispered to me that this is the best thing to wear because it has lots and lots of pockets to hide things in.
 B wore a plaid button down, a tie, and a Tinkerbell dress.  He is really good at five year old chic.  So is Isla.  She loves fancy things.
 This party decoration is my favorite.  It was made by the kids, of course.
 All good parties on sunny days end up in the yard.  This balloon ball was a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Knight.  It was enjoyed by all.
 Eloise stuck every hair bow and flower she could find into her hair.  It made a great birthday crown.
 After games, the kids had brunch.  Eloise requested baked oatmeal and orange wheels.
 Todd did five year old fancy with a tie and suit coat over his t-shirt.  Trevor wore a fancy sweater for a minute.  I don't think he really gets fancy.
 When someone offers to share their birthday cake with B, he thinks that they are also sharing their birthday with him.  This can be very confusing for the boy who loves to celebrate.

Happy birthday princess!  I am excited to see what the next year will bring with this reading, running, singing, brother guarding, fancy, beautiful Eloise!

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