Sunday, April 24, 2016

Time is Marching on

The first Thursday of the month is free museum day in Seattle.  We haven't managed to hit a museum every month, since we had been sick or traveling for the past two or three months, but in March we went to the Seattle Art Museum.  This was not expected to be a crowd favorite, since there is the restriction on touching anything in a fancy art museum, but for free I thought we could check it out.  This trip had the added benefit of my discovery of free parking in downtown Seattle for two hours at Target (validated with purchase, and we always need something from Target).  An actually free trip to Seattle! Score!  One of the first exhibits we saw when we got off the elevator was this very entertaining toilet exhibit.  
 What the artist was trying to abstractly represent with this one is beyond me.  This is a one-purpose item, as far as I can tell.  I saw grown men walking up to it and pretending to use it, so I know that it wasn't just the kids who found it funny to see a huge urinal on the wall of an art museum.  
 This was one of my favorites.  I think it was some commentary on capitalism, but I found the colors really pretty.
 Sammy was not a huge lover of the art museum.  Stroller confinement is fairly restricting.
 Art in the art museum: perspective.
 There was a small children's area with books about art, a video, and a small selection of building toys.  Sammy was grateful for the chance to get out of the stroller.
 This was probably the highlight of the museum for almost everyone.  I think Eloise's favorite part was the African art, where she developed an interesting fascination with some sort of fertility god made of wood and nails.
Jared and Eloise were also delighted to see that the museum sign was a great big SAM acronym.  It was a brief introduction to art.  We were exposed to art using a lot of different media, including hand made furniture and re-purposed tires.  A lot of creations made of toys, rocks, stacked shoes, and Legos have been called art since this trip, so I would call it a success.

The next day was Friday.  Jared prefers not to get dressed on Fridays.  He had an accident "powering up" on the driveway.  He whirled around to power up, but Sammy was right behind him, so he dove over Sammy and landed on his head in our rock garden.  He got an impressive welt for his troubles, and Sammy was safe.  
 Sammy likes to sit with the big kids for movie night.  He has to be contained so that he doesn't try to eat off of their plates. I just think that they are so cute all lined up like this, even if they are staring at the boob tube.
 We made a weekend trip to the park with Daddy.  Sammy actually knows how to ride his little bikes, but this one isn't his favorite, since the back wheels run into his heels.  At the park he never moved an inch because he was too busy watching the other kids play.
 We have gotten out of the habit of going to the park very often.  I'm sure that that will change as the weather warms up.  We have spent the last week doing most of our school work in the yard, with surprisingly good focus.
 Eloise has had bangs for so long that I have forgotten how she looks without them.  This hairstyle resulted in a few days of Eloise planning to grow out her bangs, but she loves getting her hair cut so much that the resolve didn't last.
 Todd knows how to attract children.
 I had heard that homeschool families can get a good rate at the Pacific Science Center if they go on Mondays, so, while Todd took one of his last two weeks of paternity leave, we decided to go as a family and check it out.  B got Science Center mixed up with Space Center, and fully expected to see space shuttles and astronaut suits.  He asked me multiple times if we would take an airplane to get there and see cousins.  Way to turn a cool outing into a total letdown, B.  This thingamajig was the closest thing to a space shuttle we encountered.  I didn't get any pictures from the first room we entered at the science center because the robotic dinosaurs were much too lifelike for Mr. B, and he had to stay very close to a parent all of the time we were there.

 Before we had been in the science center for very long, Eloise and B discovered the toddler area, which Jared was too big to enter.  Todd took Jared to look at more exhibits while I stayed in the toddler area with the rest of the kids.  Sammy was in water table heaven.
 Todd wasn't very impressed with the level of maintenance on the regular displays, but the little kid area was pretty fun, and not at all crowded.
 The butterfly room was probably the best part of the science center.  Lots of exotic butterflies flew around, and we picked up a butterfly identification card at the door so that we could name them.  It will be fun to check out the science center again when our group has a longer attention span for scientific inquiry.

Our ward had a March Madness basketball activity, which Todd was in charge of coordinating.  We are not sports folk here.  As you can see, we think that cones make very good hats.
 On an unrelated note, I joined a Ragnar relay team in March.  Our race is in July, and I have been training four days a week.  Jared drags me out of bed and makes me chase him on his bike, which is hard work, but very good for both of us.

B has lots of really nice Sunday clothes that were handed down to him by a family in our ward with two boys.  I can never get him to dress in the nice things (he is very particular about clothes).  I achieved this look by suggesting that he put on a "Jared costume."  Sunday clothes are restrictive, but costumes are fun and exciting.  It totally worked.  I did the same thing again to get him to wear his adorable blazer.  I told him he would look like his friend Max, who likes to wear his suit coat because it has lots of pockets to store his treasures in.
 Speaking of costumes, we had letter P preschool at our house, and Jared led the charge for dressing as pretty princesses.  I hope he never loses this confidence.  I love that he still doesn't distinguish between boy and girl toys, books, and games.
 This guy: 11 months old, six teeth, crawling all over the place, and learning to love balls, dogs, siblings, bananas (he's finally coming around), and doing what everyone else is doing.  He is such a happy guy.

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