Sunday, April 24, 2016

School Fun

One of the many things I am coming to love about homeschooling is being able to do school in any way we like.  Around Valentine's day we invented conversation heart math bingo.  We roll dice and using any operation the kids know how to do (add, subtract, multiply, and divide for Jared, add and subtract for Eloise, or counting for B), try to get five in a row in a 5x5 grid filled with numbers.  I promise I don't always feed my kids candy while we do math.  There is that Jewish tradition that learning Hebrew should be accompanied by sweet tastes in your mouth to make you love learning. . . 
One evening during our family scripture study we asked the children to draw a picture of something that they heard in the scriptures.  B's pictures tend to all look like circles, and then he describes them in the same way Jared describes his pictures.  This top picture was drawn by Eloise.
This was Jared's version.  Jared likes to draw his pictures to look more like comics.
Our challenge in the winter is staying active.  Active bodies lead to more effective learning, especially for these little boys.  When we had more than two dry days in a row (we have to wait for the moss growing on our driveway to not be soggy) I drew an obstacle course on the driveway.  The running, spinning, skipping, hopping, backwards hopping, arm flapping, shouting, bike riding course was a hit for a week before it was too rain damaged to see anymore.  Eloise LOVED it.  She would run through the course until she was sweating on this chilly 45 degree day.
Sammy added an obstacle to the course for the other kids.  They had to go through the motions without crashing into a bike riding baby.  He loves riding his bike all over the driveway.  In April he learned to use the bike to balance while he climbs off and reaches for things that interest him.  He still hasn't figured out steering, but he is getting there, and is so glad to be included.
To say that Sammy loves to be outdoors is an understatement.  He mopes around the house all morning until I put him outside on his bike, or take him out to swing on our swing.  He stands at the window saying, "Dog! Dog! Ball! Ball! Ball! Ball!  Throw a ball! Throw a ball a dog!" and bouncing on the balls of his feet to give emphasis to what he is saying, which is that children belong outdoors.

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