Sunday, April 24, 2016

More school fun

After learning about evidence of ancient people in the Americas, we headed to the beach to make our own, less lasting version of the Nazca lines in Peru.  Jared is posing here by a large heart.  
 This was a cow.  I really didn't think it was warm enough for swimming, but other people had a different view.
 The day was perfect for enjoying the beach views.
 Eloise and B swamped their boots.  They probably had a little bit less fun when their shoes and socks were soaked.
 Todd met us on his way home from work, and we rounded the boardwalk together.  Todd ended up carrying B, who hates to be wet.
 Sammy was very interested in eating as much sand as possible.
 This is while Eloise was still thinking of growing out her bangs.
 We read Chitty Chitty Bang Bang out loud together, and then we had to try the recipe for Madame Bon-Bon's fooj (fudge) listed at the back of the book.  Our fudge turned out a little bit chewy, but it still tasted good.
 Jared was pretty happy with this alternative to doing a written book report.  We still talked about our favorite parts.  It was a fun little book to read together.
 This is how Sammy helped with fooj.  Here he is signing "all done," but I don't think he was actually done eating.  Sometimes he is done with sitting in the high chair before he is done with stuffing food into his mouth.
 The bike is a handy tool for keeping Sammy out of the mud.  For a minute.  Mud is really fun, after all.  Sammy looks like he has a rock in his mouth in this picture.
 I love watching them all play together.  This was my view from the porch, where I sat reading Don Quixote for a lot of March and April, when I had a minute, and the weather was nice.

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