Sunday, April 24, 2016

Grandpa Jolley's 90th Birthday

In March we had a chance to go to Salmon, Idaho for Grandpa Jolley's 90th birthday.  We were a little bit concerned about the weather on a winter drive across the northern part of the western United States, but spring was pretending to be on its way, so the drive went smoothly and uneventfully.  It was so great to get to see Grandpa!  Here he is with his namesake.  Eldon Dale holding Samuel Dale.  
 B loves everything that has wheels.  He was a little bit heavy for his great grandpa's lap.
 Spring in Idaho reminded me of home in Logan. We would be comfortable in t-shirts one minute, and then a breeze would bring winter back and we would need coats and hats and gloves again. Colette's family arrived just after we did, along with Grandma Knight.
 Salmon + cousins = happiness.
Sammy loved all of the outside time, and with so many rocks to eat!
 Feeding the calves was a highlight for the kids.  B was disappointed that Nate was doing the chores, since Josh was away at school when we arrived.  He tagged along with less enthusiasm than he would have had.
 Nate and Uncle Boyd were so patient with the hoard of kids who wanted to do everything with them.  They gave endless tractor and four wheeler rides, and took at least twice as long doing chores like feeding calves so that everyone had a chance to "help."  For the record, Rachel's glasses are decorative.  Someday when she needs glasses for real she will wonder why she thought they were so fashionable.  Annie spent most of her time in Idaho seeking the dogs (Mary's dog, Penny, and our Shadow).  She wasn't supposed to touch them, since she had some kind of allergic reaction to dog slobber, but she was magnetically drawn to them, and managed to get through the week without any reaction.
 I love this picture of Jared and Nate.  This calf didn't know what to do with the nipple at first.  Apparently I didn't get very many pictures of Jared, who enjoyed the freedom of the ranch, and rarely crossed my path after Rachel showed up.  
 Sammy was really happy watching the calves and mimicking them licking their lips until we got too close and this one tried to nurse on his sleeve.  Oops.
 "I hear an engine! Who's going? Can we go? Someone run out and see if they can wait while I find my coat!"
 We had pizza and movie night with cousins in Aunt Barbara and Uncle Boyd's kitchen.
 While we were there, Grandpa Jolley was inducted into the Idaho Agricultural Hall of Fame.  This was a great honor.  Grandpa wasn't up to the three hour drive to receive the award in Idaho Falls, but Barb and Boyd went, along with a couple of their kids.  Before Grandpa's big birthday party on Saturday, a lot of the family gathered for a reenactment of the presentation of the award.  It was fun to get together with a lot of the Jolley cousins.  Sammy got comfortable on Uncle Jim's lap when Megan came along and wanted Grandma's lap for herself.
 B and Josh were reunited.  B was really happy to have a farm shirt like Josh's.  As soon as Josh came, he had a little Benjamin shadow.
 Von read the a brief history of Grandpa's accomplishments in agriculture while a slideshow of pictures from Grandpa's life played.  After the presentation, there was a birthday open house. A lot of friends from the community came to wish Grandpa Jolley happy birthday.
 There was TONS of food.  Jolleys know how to do gatherings.
 B has the buffet table of brownies happiness.
 Mike and Julie, Grandpa Knight's nephew and his wife, came from Rexburg to pay their respects.  B hilariously got Mike and his dog, Ruby, mixed up.  He pointed to the dog and said, "This is my cousin Mike? And that's Ruby?"  Anything is possible, right?  The ranch is a land of magic and joy.

 Ele and Molly did not ever seem to get tired of pushing babies around in this little car.
 We celebrated Ryan's, Nate's, and Parker's (Carrie's baby) birthdays after we celebrated Grandpa's.  Four is maybe not quite as momentous as 90, but still worth a celebration.  B and Ryan were sad to be separated when the Campbells went home on Sunday.  I'm so glad that they have each other.
 We left for home early Monday morning.  Once again the ride went pretty smoothly.  Sammy was thoroughly done with his carseat by the time we got home, but, all in all, traveled well.
 Maybe road trips will get easier as they all get older.  I had the kids each pack their own bag of activities for this drive.  That way they couldn't be disappointed with what they had along to play with.
I'm so glad that we got to make some more happy Idaho memories and celebrate a very great grandpa.

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