Tuesday, April 5, 2016


We had a bunch of firsts this week.  Jared had a very loose tooth, and was starting to grow some shark teeth, so we decided that it was time for him to lose his first tooth.  This was supposed to be the before picture, last Sunday.  
 Todd needs to refine his technique as a tooth puller, though, because the tooth remained in place.
 Shark teeth!
 On Tuesday, while Todd was in California for some meetings, Jared decided that he had recovered enough from the trauma of his unsuccessful tooth pull to let me do the thing right.  I tied floss around the tooth, gave one yank, and the tooth was out.  We celebrated his bravery with frozen yogurt.
 Sammy's baby hair was getting really long.  It is actually pretty thick, too.  It's hard to tell because it is so fine and white.  Here is the picture before we cut it, in all of it's trampoline static glory.  Yes, that is our dog on the trampoline.  She has learned to open the zipper in the net around the trampoline, and she LOVES jumping with the kids.
 Sammy has no patience for movies, so I opted for an outdoor haircut.  One of his favorite words is "Gog!" for dog.  Another favorite word is "Dadow!"  Shadow the dog obligingly ran circles around him for the entire haircut.
 Eloise is a good photographer.  Shout out to Aunt Faith for the cool t-shirt.

The first of April was another fun-filled April Fools' Day.  I fooled the kids by making jelly bean muffins and telling them they were blueberry.  I thought they would be gross, but they tasted kind of like cake.  They were a huge hit, and the kids loved being tricked.
 Speaking of cake, Sammy had a birthday on Saturday, so I made him this cake.  It was supposed to look like a sand castle.  It was a yellow cake with peanut butter frosting and brown sugar dusted over it.
 Jared said that the theme of Sammy's birthday was "outdoor fun."  We helped him open his presents outside.
 He reached for the candle as we were singing to him, so the other kids hurried to blow it out.
 Sammy ate a lot of frosting, saying, "Mum!" after every bite.  "Mum" is Sammy for yum, can I have some, and come (accompanied by a limp hand that is his baby version of beckoning), depending on the situation.  I'm not completely fluent in Sammy, but I'm guessing that this was "yum."

 He did quite a good job with the cake.  He was filthy.
 I was so excited to capture this cakey face in the bath.  This is how Sammy usually smiles, looking down his nose at me.  I'm never fast enough to capture the head tilt on camera.
Happy birthday baby boy!  You fill our home with happiness.

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