Monday, March 14, 2016

Sammy Emergency Room Trip #2

February 3 was a Wednesday, which is our regular library day.  We often go over to the Christensens' house after story time to have lunch because they live only a few blocks from the library.  I was delighted to find my good friend Jenna Todd (whose husband, Jared Todd, also works at Google) at the Christensens' house teaching Rebecca how to use her pressure canner to can chicken.  It was so great to catch up with Jenna, my girls' camp tent buddy.  The kids played, we chatted, and I kept one eye on Sammy to see that he didn't eat any legos.  All of a sudden, Sammy started to cry.  He had crawled up to the glass front of the gas fireplace and put his head against it to use as an extra hand to pull himself to standing.  He was in horrible pain from the burns.  Todd came right away and gave him a priesthood blessing with Cambell, who happened to be walking Grant home from school at just that time.  I called the doctor's office to see if we should bring him there, and they said we should take him to the emergency room, since they would better be able to treat his pain and treat him if the burns were deep.   He miraculously fell asleep on the way to the hospital.  This is his portrait when we arrived in the emergency room. 
 This is about twenty minutes later, around the time the doctor saw him.  I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but the burn area appears to have shrunk a lot between the picture above and the picture below, especially above his eye. That was definitely a blessing.  The doctor took one look at him and was able to diagnose him with second degree burns.  He prescribed bacitracin over the whole burn area about ten times a day, since he is a baby, and there is no way that stuff is not getting rubbed right off.  Sammy was very fortunate not to have been burned more badly.
 Here he is in the emergency room waiting room, waiting for Daddy to come pick us up less than an hour after we arrived.  The true miracle of this day was probably how quickly we got in and out of the emergency room.
 This is Sammy the next day.  His burns were starting to blister.
 February 5.  The blister on his forehead had been rubbed off and reformed.
 February 6.  This is first thing in the morning.  Later this day he crawled behind the couch at a friend's house and left a lot of the skin from his face there.  There was a lot of bleeding.
 February 7.  As you can see, the emergency room doctor was right.  It was a nasty, oozing, messy process, but the burns are healing completely, and will probably not even scar his face.
I'm so thankful that Sammy is safe and healthy, and that we have access to excellent healthcare.  Two emergency trips before his first birthday does not bode well for the next seventeen years with this guy, though.  Two trips to the emergency room is two more than any of his siblings has ever had.

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