Monday, March 14, 2016

Nine Months Sammy

With the new year came a whole new Sammy! Nine month old Sammy is a hefty, happy, mobile baby machine, now weighing in around 23 lbs.  
  The bath tub is his happy place.  He always smiles, so we know that the tub is special because of all of the excited waving of arms and legs, accompanied with little gasps and gurgles of delight as he sits in the water.  While Sammy is generally not a very fast crawler, he does a baby sprint when he hears the bath water running.  He often trips on his hands and faceplants on the carpet, but he is undeterred in his rush for the bath.  

Sammy likes to eat lots of things, particularly if he can feed them to himself.  He is starting to call Jared "Dah-ded."  He also say "Umma" for Mom and "Dad!" for Daddy.  He isn't too picky about who he calls "dad" at nine months (give that about a month).  He loves to play with Jared and Eloise, but mostly Jared.  B scares him, except for in the bath (where B scares me).  Sammy can sign "all done," when he is done eating. In spite of his girth, you must believe me when I say that he does not eat all of the time.  He has to spend a lot of time crawling, usually directly for an open toilet or unguarded top of the stairs.  
 Fortunately, his siblings look after him.  Jared and Eloise are getting very good at noticing Sammy approaching danger and redirecting him, or hauling him away from danger as gently as possible.  B also likes to "help" Sammy, but this help usually ends up with Sammy crying, or B deciding to try out the dangerous thing along with his "Bayboo Sammooo."  B is the official nickname giver of the family.  Currently he is adding "-bip" to the end of names as a little suffix of affection.  "Jare-bip" and "El-bip" are the most common occurrences.  This reminds me very much of my brother, Seth, at his age.  Seth created the "-en" suffix of affection for his family members.  We all called our parents "Dadden" and "Mommen" for years.  We still call our youngest siblings "Faithen" and "Seffen."
 Sammy was utterly delighted when I put him on the little bike.  He learned right away how to shuffle his feet to make the bike move forward or backward.  He can't steer, but he can go!  Now he is in the thick of things when we play outside.
 His hair is getting more substantial.  I'm starting to think about trimming it over his ears.  I promise there is hair there.  It is the same color as his head.
 Sammy really rarely stops smiling. He gets a lot of attention when we go to stores or parks because he catches everyone's eye and grins.
  It is a joy to be around this whirling ball of sunshine.
 We love our baby Samu!

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