Monday, March 14, 2016


My sister, Cheyenne, had a bad case of the Janebruary doldrums this year.  The two darkest, coldest months of the year, which she says are not deserving of two separate names, have a tendency to get her down.  I decided to cheer her up with a short trip out to see her.  I just took Jared and Sammy with me, and off we went.  Jared thought it was great to get to pick his own movie.
 Sammy traveled pretty well, too.  He made friends with a flight attendant, who carried him off to the galley.  When I looked back to check on them, Sammy was pumping his arms up and down like he does when he is excited, and the flight attendant was beat boxing in time.  Two other flight attendants were waving their arms and singing while Sammy put the beat down.  It was awesome.  He spent the rest of the flight trying to get the attention of his new friends at the back of the plane so that they would play with him again.
 I was worried about Sammy's sleep, since I ill-advisedly, and very belatedly, sleep trained him a week before we left on the trip.  I was fed up with waking up with him every two hours all night long, so I stopped feeding him at night unless it had been five hours since his last feeding.  It took only two very long nights with a lot of crying, but he started falling asleep on his own.  After a couple of nights of sleeping well past my five hour limit, I stopped feeding him at night altogether.  I was concerned that the jet lag would reverse our progress.  He didn't sleep perfectly, but he did pretty well.  
 It was kind of a good thing that we weren't there long enough for him to have to adjust fully to the time change.  Jared also did well.  He shared a room with Aaron and McKay.  He and Aaron had a lot of fun adventuring and playing together.
 This is Victoria, about to attempt a flying leap out of her high chair.  She WAS strapped in a moment ago.  Victoria is six weeks older than Sammy.  Sammy is at least six pounds heavier than Victoria, which is a lot when you are this size.
 Cheyenne's cute house was built in a similar era to mine.  The kitchen felt very familiar.  Besides the appliances being in exactly the same positions, I just realized that Cheyenne keeps her spices and utensils in the same place I keep mine!  Hey Cheyenne!  We are channeling each other like we always have!  We could be twins.
 Andrew and his dad took Aaron, Jared, and McKay a couple of hours south to a rattlesnake roundup, where they got to see snakes, and paddle around in little boats.   They arrived home while Cheyenne was hosting a baby shower for one of Andrew's aunts.  Aaron came back from their day full of stories of all of the exotic things he had eaten (Shark for lunch) and seen.  Jared came in a minute after him and joyfully announced that for lunch, he got a corn dog!  Everyone laughed.  What they didn't know was that I had bought a box of corn dogs for Todd to eat with Eloise and B while we were gone.  I don't ever feed corn dogs to the children, since I usually advocate for real food, but I wanted them to not starve, and I thought it would be a treat.  Jared saw the box of corn dogs and said, wistfully, "I almost wish I was staying home so that I could have a corn dog."  So he was thrilled when he asked for a corn dog at the rattlesnake roundup and Uncle Andrew bought him one.  When Andrew heard that Jared had considered staying home to eat corn dogs, he said, "Shoot, Jared.  I'll buy you a whole bag of corn dogs if you'll come and visit me."
 The day was so full of adventure and playing with Aaron and his cousins and neighbors, Jared fell asleep at the same time as his cousins that night.
 One of my favorite moments of our trip was when Aaron was showing off the new skill he learned at school of dribbling a basketball.  Sammy thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen and laughed and laughed.
 This picture makes Sammy and Victoria look like they are the same size.  Victoria was very close to walking while we were in Georgia.  Actually, she had walked across a room, but she hadn't noticed that she could walk yet.
 On Sunday afternoon we went to dinner at Mr. Terry and Ms. Gay's house (Andrew's parents).  Andrew found brand new twin baby goats out back, and he brought one in for the kids to pet.  Jared didn't want to touch it because he was really hungry, and he didn't want to have to wash his hands again before he ate.  Silly boy.
 The next day was Monday and time for us to go home.  Cheyenne drove us to Atlanta with a stop at the Indian Mounds near Macon, which she couldn't believe we had never seen on any of our previous trips.  We got caught in a rain storm, and Sammy's hair never recovered.  We managed to get to our plane just as it was boarding, in spite of some confusion at check in about Sammy being included on my boarding pass.
This flight felt a bit longer than our flight to Georgia, since we were all a bit tired, and by the time we got home it was 10 p.m. Georgia time, so we were all a lot tired.  I was happy to get home to Eloise and B, but my happiness was nothing to how happy B was to see me at home.  He missed me a lot.  Several weeks after our Georgia trip, B heard a friend suggest that we take our babies and make a trip to Hawaii.  He immediately started to cry, and wouldn't stop crying until he was assured that I was not planning to go anywhere without him.  It was great to see Cheyenne and her family. We will be back again soon!

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