Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

On the eve of New Year's Eve, I drove Grandma Jill to the airport to fly home.  It was a sad day, since this marked the end of our family holiday festivities.  On my way home from the airport, I stopped at the Christensens' house to drop off a jacket that Rebecca left at our house, and I found Rebecca in rapidly advancing labor.  They were going to send their boys somewhere else, but they couldn't reach the other person, I was there, and contractions were getting stronger, so we put the boys in the car with me and had a Christensen day!  There was a lot of energy in our house that day.  
We made a poster to welcome new brother Christensen into the world.  He hadn't been named yet, so the kids just went ahead and wrote all of their suggestions on there.  My favorite was naming him after both of his grandpas and calling him Clark Kent, but that got vetoed.  Other favorites were "Mario," "Elephant," "Knight," and "Mushroom."  (Eventually baby boy was named Daniel).
Although Price did not love being put down for a nap by someone who is not his parent, and the noise level stayed at a pretty steady, ear-splitting roar all day, it was an exciting day.  Lots of fun was had with the dress up clothes.
This may be the best picture ever taken of Grant the Cow-Man.
Around dinner time I resorted to YouTube reading stories to the kids in an attempt to reduce the volume on the children.  It worked for a minute.  After dinner, I heard someone suggest that they all start running around in circles as fast as they could, and I decided that I had had as much as I could take of pandemonium, so I put all of the kids in the bath.  That way they were contained, at least.
Cambell came to pick them up to take them to the hospital to meet their new brother, and then home for bed right after the bath.  Whew.
The next day was New Year's Eve.  We had an early celebration.  At least it was as much of a party as one can have when dairy and gluten are not allowed. :)  We love our friends with allergies.  We are happy to have you not dead.
The kids made quick work of the poppers on our porch, which was good, since it was pouring rain and really cold outside.  They were all happy to go back in the house and make a lot of celebratory noise, and then send our friends home in time for bedtime.
Happy New Year!  

We jumped right into our new activities in 2016.  Jared, who reads the parks and rec guide whenever it comes in the mail (or helps himself to a copy at the community center when we are there), asked and asked to be allowed to take an ice skating class.  I suspected that he would find the ice colder and harder than he thought, but he insisted, so I said he could try it out.  The first thing they learned was how to fall.
Sure enough the ice was colder and harder than he anticipated, but he made steady progress.
Eloise made a new year's resolution to learn how to make cupcakes.  I'm not sure that she gets this whole resolution thing, but you can't argue with wanting to learn a new skill, so away we went.
She also really wanted to make a quilt for her baby doll (which she rarely plays with).  Here is the front of the baby quilt we made for her baby.  The finished quilt was immediately appropriated by B for his stuffed hippo baby.  He tucks in his hippo every night, and often brings it for rides in his bike basket wrapped in its blanket against the cold.
Winter cold and rain are the reliable features of January.  Left alone, these kids come up with some incredibly creative games.  Here Eloise and B were taking turns being the dog and the dog walker.
Sometimes when it is wet we just go outside anyway.  Eloise scaled the spider web for the first time.
Ice skating mornings are hard.  I don't know how people who live in snowy places ever leave the house with small children.  There is so much hunting for gloves and hats and coats and leg warmers.  It is a challenge just to get B to wear long pants.  The little kids want to be in the warm room, but Jared wants me by the ice so I can watch him learn new skills.
Lunch also happens during ice skating, so moving from cold room to warm room means hauling lots of stuff, and my back is sore from Sammy being enormous and wanting to be held a lot.  Sometimes parenting is very hard.  Usually, though, the fun makes up for it.

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