Monday, March 14, 2016

Four little cuties

I know that all of my children are adorable, but, seriously, how precious is this?  Can I keep him like this for a little while?  
 Eloise drew her family tree.  I got her started with herself, mom, dad, and the grandparents, and then I left, so she filled in the rest of the family.  Jared, B, and Samy.
 Jared has a shark tooth!  His two teeth in front of it are loose, but, although he professes to be very excited about losing teeth, I think he is also a little bit scared.
 Jared was powering up while he played outside.  This involved whirling around really quickly.  He didn't know that Sammy had come up right behind him.  While trying to avoid Sammy and keep his balance, he slipped on some moss and caught himself with his head and his knee in our rock garden.  Ouch!
 Sammy is hard to keep out of everyone's food on pizza night.  I have found a solution.  I also think they look adorable lined up like this, even if they are staring at the boob tube.
We took our bikes to the park.  Sammy mostly just likes to watch the other kids at the park.
 B thought it was fantastic to have Sammy on a bike with him.
 Sammy recently discovered slides.  They go right along with his new favorite word, "Go!" or, more accurately, "Doh!"  He loves to get to the top of the slide (or the stairs, or anything with a ledge), back himself up to it, and yell, "Go!" before pushing himself down.
 Eloise experimented with not having bangs by letting me pull them back one day.  She says she wants to grow them out.  We shall see.
It's happened.  B can't remember how to smile naturally anymore.  This face makes me laugh.  The only way I got him into a suit on Sunday was to call it his Jared costume.  B has very firm ideas about how little boys should dress, and they certainly don't involve ties, vests, or long pants of any kind.  Big brothers dress a different way, though, and costumes are fun.  
It totally worked.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the boys together in their Sunday suits.  My success is that we made it to church on time, even if everything wasn't documented.

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