Tuesday, March 22, 2016

February Fun

February wasn't all perfect.  We had the Sammy burning his face incident, and then B was sick for almost the entire month, but we had some good moments, too.  One day the sun came out, so we put on sun hats.  
Sammy got really interested in climbing stairs, which is a scary beginning.  I tried to give him lots of chances to climb stairs with a spotter so that he could learn to do it safely.
When we had a couple of nice days, we wanted to spend a lot of time outside.  B had a fever, so he enjoyed the outdoors wrapped in a couple of blankets.
Sammy was really excited the first time I put him on his little bike, and he figured out how to move.  It's great to be able to participate in what the bigger kids are doing.  I can't take my eyes off him for a second, though.  He crawls fast, and doesn't understand boundaries.  I looked away for a minute once and found him halfway up the block in the middle of the road! I'm glad we live on a quiet street.
If I can't find Eloise outside, she is usually in a tree.
Eloise caught a nasty stomach virus in February.  I think she caught it from Sammy, who threw up in his bed twice.   Eloise's symptoms started with her throwing up in her sleep, sending projectile vomit in a six foot semicircle around her bed.  That was one time I was glad that her bedroom is under the kitchen and on the opposite side of the house from the rest of the children, since I was running the carpet cleaner in her room at midnight. I'm not sure how she got it in the drawers under her bed.  She seemed a little better the next morning, but she over ate at supper time and threw up in her sleep again that night before she started to really recover.  
B went to the doctor's office three times in February.  The first time he was diagnosed with an ear infection and prescribed antibiotics.  The second time was five days later when he still had a fairly high fever.  He was given a stronger antibiotic.  The third time was five days after that when his symptoms hadn't completely cleared up, and he got hives (evidently a penicillin allergy).  He was given a third antibiotic, which he was on for two days before he caught the stomach bug that Eloise and Sammy had had, and started vomiting in his bed.  I gave up on antibiotics after that, and about a week and a half later, just when I was starting to wonder if he had been deaf all along, he could hear again.
Grandma and Grandpa Knight sent a valentine package full of treats and other fun surprises.  It arrived right after we had played conversation heart math bingo, so we had a sugar fueled day.  Thanks for the Valentines, Grandma and Grandpa!  Getting a package full of goodies makes our day great!  Grandma Jill sent a package with minion Valentines.  B got really excited about "millions," as he calls them, and started identifying them everywhere.  I don't think he even remembered that they were from a movie, so when we watched "Despicable Me" as our Friday movie, he got even more excited about them.  Maybe we will have to show him the Minions movie.  His millions mania is adorable.
Here is Sammy sporting his new clothes from Grandma and Grandpa.  His favorite foods are cheese and oranges.  He calls oranges "No-no," since he can't actually chew them yet, but I seem to find pieces of orange peel in his mouth all of the time.
Sammy loves his happy place.  We introduced him to bubble baths this month.  He was pretty excited about that.
B thought that being part of this statue at the library was hilarious.
Eloise agreed.
This is a picture of a Knight-Christensen-alien adventure.  I believe that they are repairing a pipe on their spacecraft to make sure that everything is shipshape after crash landing on an alien planet.  (I remember this episode being described to me a little bit differently, but Jared is correcting me over my shoulder as I type). I do remember that the aliens were nice.
Here is B with hives.  B spent the month of February gravitating to the color orange, and the fish tank at his second home in the doctor's office made him very excited about fish.  A friend gave me two of these Nemo clownfish to cheer him up.  It worked.  The combination of orange + fish worked better than the antibiotics to light up a sick little B.
Sammy's bunting days are numbered, since I now have to unzip the feet for it to fit him.  The cold weather returned after Valentine's day, so we had to bundle up in coats again.
Eloise is trying to learn how to jump rope.  She hasn't quite succeeded, yet, but she is very persistent, so I'm sure she will do it soon.
B and Eloise hate to let Sammy have a bath alone.  I think his bath happiness is infectious.
Sammy is very tolerant of Jared dragging him around.  He doesn't trust the other kids, and I'm not sure his trust in Jared is well placed, but they have fun together.
Cute boys.
What did I say about Eloise and trees?

I discovered that Sammy's teething intensifies when he is tired or hungry.  He was chewing on this stick with a vengeance.  It was probably time to go home from the park for a nap.
Eloise and B started a tumbling class at the community center.  They love it.  B has actually gotten pretty good at somersaults, and Eloise loves teaching me all of her new jumps.
B discovered that he could fit into Sammy's banana suit if he kept his knees up.  He wants to wear it all of the time.  I have been trying to persuade him that being able to use his legs is a good thing.
Eloise is a budding musician.  She sounds a lot like me when I started on the French Horn.  I'm impressed that she can get sound out.
The horn is a little bit big for her.

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