Monday, March 14, 2016

Also in January. . .

Jared started piano lessons.  He loves them.  His teacher, Sam, is wonderful.  Eloise is practicing reading every day because she knows I want her to be reading more independently before she gets to start piano lessons, which will probably happen in the fall.  Jared is really good at remembering to practice every day.  
 Once upon a time the sun came out for a few minutes, and we did not know what to do.  Eloise and B took a movement class (sort of a guided play/tumbling class) at the community center.  This is them on their way in to the first class, and they more than were ready to get out of the painful brightness of day.  They loved the class.  They looked forward to it every week, and it was a good opportunity for me to have an hour to help Jared catch up on school work.
 The Seahawks made it to the playoffs, but not the superbowl this year.  That did not stop our neighbors from showing their team pride by dressing up the bears in the median of their dead end street.  Go Hawks!
 Todd got glasses!  He has been accusing me of supernatural vision for about two years now, so I finally persuaded him to go to the eye doctor, and, sure enough, he has old man eyes.  He looks so cute in his glasses. I am not saying that just because I picked them out.
 Everyone had to try on the glasses.  Sure enough, all of the mini-Todds looked cute in his glasses, too.

 It is basically impossible for them to not look cute.
Someone gave me some keyboarding software to teach the kids to type, but it is not really geared toward this age group, and these kids are obsessed with computing.  Does this remind you of anyone?  So I color coded some of our extra keyboards (yes, I know.  Collecting keyboards that click is a hobby of Todd's.  I know. I don't understand it either) so that they would know which finger to type with, and we practice keyboarding without screens.
 One time in January I took a picture of Sammy where he wasn't smiling.
He was still incredibly squishy and adorable.  He can't help it.

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