Tuesday, March 22, 2016

February Fun

February wasn't all perfect.  We had the Sammy burning his face incident, and then B was sick for almost the entire month, but we had some good moments, too.  One day the sun came out, so we put on sun hats.  
Sammy got really interested in climbing stairs, which is a scary beginning.  I tried to give him lots of chances to climb stairs with a spotter so that he could learn to do it safely.
When we had a couple of nice days, we wanted to spend a lot of time outside.  B had a fever, so he enjoyed the outdoors wrapped in a couple of blankets.
Sammy was really excited the first time I put him on his little bike, and he figured out how to move.  It's great to be able to participate in what the bigger kids are doing.  I can't take my eyes off him for a second, though.  He crawls fast, and doesn't understand boundaries.  I looked away for a minute once and found him halfway up the block in the middle of the road! I'm glad we live on a quiet street.
If I can't find Eloise outside, she is usually in a tree.
Eloise caught a nasty stomach virus in February.  I think she caught it from Sammy, who threw up in his bed twice.   Eloise's symptoms started with her throwing up in her sleep, sending projectile vomit in a six foot semicircle around her bed.  That was one time I was glad that her bedroom is under the kitchen and on the opposite side of the house from the rest of the children, since I was running the carpet cleaner in her room at midnight. I'm not sure how she got it in the drawers under her bed.  She seemed a little better the next morning, but she over ate at supper time and threw up in her sleep again that night before she started to really recover.  
B went to the doctor's office three times in February.  The first time he was diagnosed with an ear infection and prescribed antibiotics.  The second time was five days later when he still had a fairly high fever.  He was given a stronger antibiotic.  The third time was five days after that when his symptoms hadn't completely cleared up, and he got hives (evidently a penicillin allergy).  He was given a third antibiotic, which he was on for two days before he caught the stomach bug that Eloise and Sammy had had, and started vomiting in his bed.  I gave up on antibiotics after that, and about a week and a half later, just when I was starting to wonder if he had been deaf all along, he could hear again.
Grandma and Grandpa Knight sent a valentine package full of treats and other fun surprises.  It arrived right after we had played conversation heart math bingo, so we had a sugar fueled day.  Thanks for the Valentines, Grandma and Grandpa!  Getting a package full of goodies makes our day great!  Grandma Jill sent a package with minion Valentines.  B got really excited about "millions," as he calls them, and started identifying them everywhere.  I don't think he even remembered that they were from a movie, so when we watched "Despicable Me" as our Friday movie, he got even more excited about them.  Maybe we will have to show him the Minions movie.  His millions mania is adorable.
Here is Sammy sporting his new clothes from Grandma and Grandpa.  His favorite foods are cheese and oranges.  He calls oranges "No-no," since he can't actually chew them yet, but I seem to find pieces of orange peel in his mouth all of the time.
Sammy loves his happy place.  We introduced him to bubble baths this month.  He was pretty excited about that.
B thought that being part of this statue at the library was hilarious.
Eloise agreed.
This is a picture of a Knight-Christensen-alien adventure.  I believe that they are repairing a pipe on their spacecraft to make sure that everything is shipshape after crash landing on an alien planet.  (I remember this episode being described to me a little bit differently, but Jared is correcting me over my shoulder as I type). I do remember that the aliens were nice.
Here is B with hives.  B spent the month of February gravitating to the color orange, and the fish tank at his second home in the doctor's office made him very excited about fish.  A friend gave me two of these Nemo clownfish to cheer him up.  It worked.  The combination of orange + fish worked better than the antibiotics to light up a sick little B.
Sammy's bunting days are numbered, since I now have to unzip the feet for it to fit him.  The cold weather returned after Valentine's day, so we had to bundle up in coats again.
Eloise is trying to learn how to jump rope.  She hasn't quite succeeded, yet, but she is very persistent, so I'm sure she will do it soon.
B and Eloise hate to let Sammy have a bath alone.  I think his bath happiness is infectious.
Sammy is very tolerant of Jared dragging him around.  He doesn't trust the other kids, and I'm not sure his trust in Jared is well placed, but they have fun together.
Cute boys.
What did I say about Eloise and trees?

I discovered that Sammy's teething intensifies when he is tired or hungry.  He was chewing on this stick with a vengeance.  It was probably time to go home from the park for a nap.
Eloise and B started a tumbling class at the community center.  They love it.  B has actually gotten pretty good at somersaults, and Eloise loves teaching me all of her new jumps.
B discovered that he could fit into Sammy's banana suit if he kept his knees up.  He wants to wear it all of the time.  I have been trying to persuade him that being able to use his legs is a good thing.
Eloise is a budding musician.  She sounds a lot like me when I started on the French Horn.  I'm impressed that she can get sound out.
The horn is a little bit big for her.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Four little cuties

I know that all of my children are adorable, but, seriously, how precious is this?  Can I keep him like this for a little while?  
 Eloise drew her family tree.  I got her started with herself, mom, dad, and the grandparents, and then I left, so she filled in the rest of the family.  Jared, B, and Samy.
 Jared has a shark tooth!  His two teeth in front of it are loose, but, although he professes to be very excited about losing teeth, I think he is also a little bit scared.
 Jared was powering up while he played outside.  This involved whirling around really quickly.  He didn't know that Sammy had come up right behind him.  While trying to avoid Sammy and keep his balance, he slipped on some moss and caught himself with his head and his knee in our rock garden.  Ouch!
 Sammy is hard to keep out of everyone's food on pizza night.  I have found a solution.  I also think they look adorable lined up like this, even if they are staring at the boob tube.
We took our bikes to the park.  Sammy mostly just likes to watch the other kids at the park.
 B thought it was fantastic to have Sammy on a bike with him.
 Sammy recently discovered slides.  They go right along with his new favorite word, "Go!" or, more accurately, "Doh!"  He loves to get to the top of the slide (or the stairs, or anything with a ledge), back himself up to it, and yell, "Go!" before pushing himself down.
 Eloise experimented with not having bangs by letting me pull them back one day.  She says she wants to grow them out.  We shall see.
It's happened.  B can't remember how to smile naturally anymore.  This face makes me laugh.  The only way I got him into a suit on Sunday was to call it his Jared costume.  B has very firm ideas about how little boys should dress, and they certainly don't involve ties, vests, or long pants of any kind.  Big brothers dress a different way, though, and costumes are fun.  
It totally worked.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the boys together in their Sunday suits.  My success is that we made it to church on time, even if everything wasn't documented.

Sammy Emergency Room Trip #2

February 3 was a Wednesday, which is our regular library day.  We often go over to the Christensens' house after story time to have lunch because they live only a few blocks from the library.  I was delighted to find my good friend Jenna Todd (whose husband, Jared Todd, also works at Google) at the Christensens' house teaching Rebecca how to use her pressure canner to can chicken.  It was so great to catch up with Jenna, my girls' camp tent buddy.  The kids played, we chatted, and I kept one eye on Sammy to see that he didn't eat any legos.  All of a sudden, Sammy started to cry.  He had crawled up to the glass front of the gas fireplace and put his head against it to use as an extra hand to pull himself to standing.  He was in horrible pain from the burns.  Todd came right away and gave him a priesthood blessing with Cambell, who happened to be walking Grant home from school at just that time.  I called the doctor's office to see if we should bring him there, and they said we should take him to the emergency room, since they would better be able to treat his pain and treat him if the burns were deep.   He miraculously fell asleep on the way to the hospital.  This is his portrait when we arrived in the emergency room. 
 This is about twenty minutes later, around the time the doctor saw him.  I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but the burn area appears to have shrunk a lot between the picture above and the picture below, especially above his eye. That was definitely a blessing.  The doctor took one look at him and was able to diagnose him with second degree burns.  He prescribed bacitracin over the whole burn area about ten times a day, since he is a baby, and there is no way that stuff is not getting rubbed right off.  Sammy was very fortunate not to have been burned more badly.
 Here he is in the emergency room waiting room, waiting for Daddy to come pick us up less than an hour after we arrived.  The true miracle of this day was probably how quickly we got in and out of the emergency room.
 This is Sammy the next day.  His burns were starting to blister.
 February 5.  The blister on his forehead had been rubbed off and reformed.
 February 6.  This is first thing in the morning.  Later this day he crawled behind the couch at a friend's house and left a lot of the skin from his face there.  There was a lot of bleeding.
 February 7.  As you can see, the emergency room doctor was right.  It was a nasty, oozing, messy process, but the burns are healing completely, and will probably not even scar his face.
I'm so thankful that Sammy is safe and healthy, and that we have access to excellent healthcare.  Two emergency trips before his first birthday does not bode well for the next seventeen years with this guy, though.  Two trips to the emergency room is two more than any of his siblings has ever had.


My sister, Cheyenne, had a bad case of the Janebruary doldrums this year.  The two darkest, coldest months of the year, which she says are not deserving of two separate names, have a tendency to get her down.  I decided to cheer her up with a short trip out to see her.  I just took Jared and Sammy with me, and off we went.  Jared thought it was great to get to pick his own movie.
 Sammy traveled pretty well, too.  He made friends with a flight attendant, who carried him off to the galley.  When I looked back to check on them, Sammy was pumping his arms up and down like he does when he is excited, and the flight attendant was beat boxing in time.  Two other flight attendants were waving their arms and singing while Sammy put the beat down.  It was awesome.  He spent the rest of the flight trying to get the attention of his new friends at the back of the plane so that they would play with him again.
 I was worried about Sammy's sleep, since I ill-advisedly, and very belatedly, sleep trained him a week before we left on the trip.  I was fed up with waking up with him every two hours all night long, so I stopped feeding him at night unless it had been five hours since his last feeding.  It took only two very long nights with a lot of crying, but he started falling asleep on his own.  After a couple of nights of sleeping well past my five hour limit, I stopped feeding him at night altogether.  I was concerned that the jet lag would reverse our progress.  He didn't sleep perfectly, but he did pretty well.  
 It was kind of a good thing that we weren't there long enough for him to have to adjust fully to the time change.  Jared also did well.  He shared a room with Aaron and McKay.  He and Aaron had a lot of fun adventuring and playing together.
 This is Victoria, about to attempt a flying leap out of her high chair.  She WAS strapped in a moment ago.  Victoria is six weeks older than Sammy.  Sammy is at least six pounds heavier than Victoria, which is a lot when you are this size.
 Cheyenne's cute house was built in a similar era to mine.  The kitchen felt very familiar.  Besides the appliances being in exactly the same positions, I just realized that Cheyenne keeps her spices and utensils in the same place I keep mine!  Hey Cheyenne!  We are channeling each other like we always have!  We could be twins.
 Andrew and his dad took Aaron, Jared, and McKay a couple of hours south to a rattlesnake roundup, where they got to see snakes, and paddle around in little boats.   They arrived home while Cheyenne was hosting a baby shower for one of Andrew's aunts.  Aaron came back from their day full of stories of all of the exotic things he had eaten (Shark for lunch) and seen.  Jared came in a minute after him and joyfully announced that for lunch, he got a corn dog!  Everyone laughed.  What they didn't know was that I had bought a box of corn dogs for Todd to eat with Eloise and B while we were gone.  I don't ever feed corn dogs to the children, since I usually advocate for real food, but I wanted them to not starve, and I thought it would be a treat.  Jared saw the box of corn dogs and said, wistfully, "I almost wish I was staying home so that I could have a corn dog."  So he was thrilled when he asked for a corn dog at the rattlesnake roundup and Uncle Andrew bought him one.  When Andrew heard that Jared had considered staying home to eat corn dogs, he said, "Shoot, Jared.  I'll buy you a whole bag of corn dogs if you'll come and visit me."
 The day was so full of adventure and playing with Aaron and his cousins and neighbors, Jared fell asleep at the same time as his cousins that night.
 One of my favorite moments of our trip was when Aaron was showing off the new skill he learned at school of dribbling a basketball.  Sammy thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen and laughed and laughed.
 This picture makes Sammy and Victoria look like they are the same size.  Victoria was very close to walking while we were in Georgia.  Actually, she had walked across a room, but she hadn't noticed that she could walk yet.
 On Sunday afternoon we went to dinner at Mr. Terry and Ms. Gay's house (Andrew's parents).  Andrew found brand new twin baby goats out back, and he brought one in for the kids to pet.  Jared didn't want to touch it because he was really hungry, and he didn't want to have to wash his hands again before he ate.  Silly boy.
 The next day was Monday and time for us to go home.  Cheyenne drove us to Atlanta with a stop at the Indian Mounds near Macon, which she couldn't believe we had never seen on any of our previous trips.  We got caught in a rain storm, and Sammy's hair never recovered.  We managed to get to our plane just as it was boarding, in spite of some confusion at check in about Sammy being included on my boarding pass.
This flight felt a bit longer than our flight to Georgia, since we were all a bit tired, and by the time we got home it was 10 p.m. Georgia time, so we were all a lot tired.  I was happy to get home to Eloise and B, but my happiness was nothing to how happy B was to see me at home.  He missed me a lot.  Several weeks after our Georgia trip, B heard a friend suggest that we take our babies and make a trip to Hawaii.  He immediately started to cry, and wouldn't stop crying until he was assured that I was not planning to go anywhere without him.  It was great to see Cheyenne and her family. We will be back again soon!