Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winter Adventuring

We took a day off after our drive across Washington, but sick babies make mamas stir crazy, so we had to get out of the house.  Unfortunately for our visitors from milder climes, all of our favorite activities involve the outdoors, and there was a harsh winter chill in the air.  
On the plus side, we had the whole farm to ourselves.  This sheep found the children very interesting.  
 Sammy was snug and warm.

 James napped in the baby carrier most of the time.  We basically stayed until he woke up so that he could enjoy the animals for a few minutes, and then we fled to the warm car.
We stopped at Chick-fil-a for lunch.  It was quite an experience.  The Chick-fil-a in downtown Bellevue had its own traffic cop during the lunch rush.  We had to park at the hotel next door.  Fortunately the outdoor area where we were forced to sit was walled in to shield us from the wind, and each table had a heater.  Service was really fast, too, which was important to our hungry brood.  Eloise and Maren both fell fast asleep on the way home.
Ryan came on Saturday!  We were all glad to see him, especially Annika.  It wasn't actually warm enough or dry enough to play on the trampoline, but sometimes you just have to jump.
Sammy loves to be included in pandemonium.
After baths, Anni braided the girls' hair so that they could have matching wavy hair in the morning.

Grandma Jill came that night, after the kids were in bed.  

On the Monday before Christmas, we went to Pike Place Market.  The gum wall was recently cleaned, but fear of public outcry caused the cleaners to leave a section of wall as disgusting as ever.  We came equipped with our own gum to add to the nasty wall.  We couldn't get Ryan to go near enough to be caught in a picture with the wall.

The boys got tired of wandering the market before the girls did, so they went back to the car.  When the boys are away, the girls eat enormous doughnuts.  We brought some back to the fellas, too.
B napped so well while his cousins were here.  I miss those days.
I wonder if I got enough pictures of these girls being adorable together?  They broke out the princess dresses.
Then Grandma Jill painted their nails.  James was a huge fan of this activity.  B usually asks me to paint his nails, but then he is done after one gets painted.  James sat still for for one and a half hands.
Hot, Anni, hot.  
Once again, my apologies to our out of town relatives that all of the things we like to do are outdoors.  My memories of our outing to the locks make me want to wrap up in a warm blanket and get a mug of hot chocolate.  It is pouring freezing rain outside as I recount this, so that is probably contributing to my chill.
Ryan looks like he just arrived from 80 degree Texas. . . oh, wait. . .

After the locks, Ryan really wanted to check out the Nordic Heritage Museum.  Sammy and B fell asleep on the ten minute drive from the locks to the museum, so this was my view of the museum.
They had a nice, long nap, waking up just in time for everyone else to be done looking at exhibits.  The nice museum workers let us into the museum for free just to use the bathroom and meet up with our group, and then we headed home.
There was so much left to be done to get ready for Christmas Eve!

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