Sunday, January 3, 2016

Tucson Adventures II

B brought his Grandpa with him to church.  B thought that, since he was now three years old, he should be graduating from the nursery class at church, and into the youngest class in the primary children's organization, called the Sunbeam class.  Since we were in an unfamiliar church, we let him go to Sunbeams with Eloise, even though he didn't officially graduate into the new class level until the new year.  
 Three generations of Knight men in their Sunday best, walking to church.
 Everyone came over to Grandma and Grandpa's house after church for dinner.  All of the little girls just love little Sammy.
 When the house started feeling small, we took a bunch of the kids on a walk around the neighborhood.
 B and Ryan are happy to have each other.
 They are goofy.
 Sammy got really insecure about sleeping, probably because of his impending breakthrough into crawling.  Every time I put him down in his bed, he would wake himself up by going into auto-crawl mode.  He spent most of his nights in bed with me.  Todd was happy to make the sacrifice of napping with him every once in a while, even though he napped fine by himself, most of the time.  Sammy is a bed hog.  Fortunately I could usually shove him across the bed without him waking up to protest, as long as he knew I was close by.
 It was actually warm enough to put the slip and slide on the trampoline, until the slip and slide ruptured.  Oops.
 One of the highlights of my trip was the moment when Sammy figured out that he was going backward by accident when he tried to crawl forward.  Suddenly the frustration stopped.  He would just turn himself in a circle until he could back up to his intended toy, looking over his shoulder as he went.  He wasn't always right on target, but it worked better than scooting away from his goal.  He is a problem solver.
 We went on a short hike in the desert.  B's sunglasses got him into a little trouble.  They were too big, and his head was a little sweaty, so he kept adjusting his glasses by putting his hands over the lenses.  One might think that he would stop walking to make this adjustment, but that would have been terribly inefficient.  Since we were in the desert, he inevitably walked into a cactus and got some thorns stuck in his leg.  He wasn't very happy about it at the time, but he loves to retell the story of walking into a cactus.
 The hike was short because everyone got hot.  Rachel chose this day to skip school and spend the day with her cousins.  She was diagnosed with pneumonia the day we arrived in Tucson.  She wasn't feeling terrible, so her doctor advised her to get on with things as usual.  Jared was really happy to have her around.

 What did I say about Sammy and all of the little girls?  Megan, who is approximately the same size as Sammy, was fascinated by him.  Annie and Megan discovered that they could give Sammy cheerios.
 Soon everyone wanted in on the baby feeding action.  B was having a hard time keeping all of the cousins' names straight.  He would ask me, "Who is that feeding my brudder? Who is with my baby?"
We had to visit the Hoefferles while we were in Tucson.  Jared looked comically big in their little Flintstone car.
 Landon and Cade started a soccer game with Todd and Dan that Jared and Eloise occasionally joined.
 I love having friends who we can pick up with as if we just saw each other after months and months of separation.  We miss the Hoefferles when we are at home.
They are moving into a big old house that used to belong to Dan's grandparents.  Katie took us on a tour of the new place.  I'm excited to see how it looks after it gets the Katie touch.  Katie always makes things lovely.  Todd wants to have a sleepover there when we are in Tucson next.  Is it still called a sleepover when you are a grown up?  I thought we evolved into house guests.

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