Sunday, January 3, 2016

Tucson Adventures I

I took so many pictures in Tucson that I could probably make a separate post for every day of the two weeks we were there, but I will try to be brief.  
Sammy puts up with a lot as the fourth child.  He spent a lot of our stay in Tucson rocking on his hands and knees and crawling backwards, before finally moving a few feet forward on December 1.
 We got to spend lots of time with our cute Peyton girl while her mom was sleeping from working nights, and her dad was working, and her sister was in kindergarten.
 We took a trip to the children's museum with all of the children who weren't in school (including Annie who stayed home from school to come with us).  Sammy liked his reflection in orange.
 For the most part everyone got along.  Most of the hitting each other with foam blocks was accidental.
 We enjoyed a shady picnic in the garden.
 B was in car heaven.

 Later we went to Rachel's birthday party.  We ate pizza and cake outside, and then went inside for a movie.  Pizza two nights in a row is our definition of vacation.
 These kids love how much Grandma will play with them.  Jared invented a game called "store," which involves drawing money on slips of paper and then buying and selling items from around the house with different currencies.  Grandma was a willing participant.  Later, Rachel got involved, and the game became more complicated as they became the store managers.
 On Saturday we had a picnic in a park by a wash.  The idea of a river without water in it is always met with some surprise by our Pacific Northwest bunch.  Jared went exploring with Rachel and Grandma, and they even found some storm drains that empty into the empty river.  They had fun trying to throw rocks all of the way down the drain and into the wash.
 It was windy.  We brought a bunch of bikes to ride around on.  A little boy who was in the park with his grandma asked if he could ride one of the bikes, and then he was hanging around while we were eating, so we invited him to join us.  He talked our ears off the whole time.  It was cute, in an obnoxious sort of way.  We certainly learned a lot about him.
 Here are a couple of grown up pictures, since I don't document grown ups very often.
 Okay, I cheated.  This one has a baby in it, and a very handsome man.
Stay tuned for a zillion more pictures from Arizona, coming soon!

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