Sunday, January 3, 2016

Thanksgiving and Rachel's Baptism

Because Rachel was getting baptized into our church, nearly all of her extended family on both sides came to support her.  This meant 19 people staying at the Campbell house, and 32 people to feed for Thanksgiving dinner.  Colette did a lot of the work herself.  I'm very impressed.  Their solution for seating all of the people was genius.  The kids ate first, and then went upstairs to watch a movie on the projector screen while the adults ate.  If it hadn't been so dark in the movie room, I would have gotten a picture of B and Rachel snuggling.  I went to take B to the bathroom and he said, "Come with me, Rachel!" She declined, but promised to save his seat.  
 Megs was really interest in Sammy.
 A stationary baby is not a threat, so most of the kids were happy to offer toys and treats to Sammy.  The one exception was Miri, the Campbell's two year old cousin.  She proclaimed each of the toys, "Mine!" in a classic display of two year old hoarding.  Megan and Sammy watched the whole performance entranced.  Sammy was just happy to be in the middle of things; he didn't need toys to keep him entertained.
 Grandma Knight can never figure out why she is so tired at night when we come to visit.  I have a couple of guesses.
 Woohoo! I got a picture of Marie!  We did not see enough of Marie on this visit, since she is working nights and sleeping days, but she was there for Thanksgiving dinner.
 Peyton and McKenzie came home with Grandma and Grandpa for a sleepover because Justin had homework and Marie was working overnight.  With all of the Knights in one house, nearly every surface had a body on it.  Todd and B slept in the living room, McKenzie and Peyton slept in the family room, Sammy and I had the master bedroom, Eloise and Jared shared the office, Grandma slept in Grandpa's craft room, the gourd room, and Grandpa snored blissfully noisily in his bedroom at the back of the house.  The only empty rooms were the bathrooms and the dining room,
 but not until after everyone was bathed, dressed, brushed, read to, snuggled, prayed with, tucked in, and given their drink of water.  Whew.  That is a lot of kids under 6.
 Grandma had vowed to wait a few days to put up the Christmas decorations, since she was pooped from all of the Thanksgiving festivities, and put up new decorations means wiping surfaces, sweeping, and packing up knick knacks.  She made the irreversible error of pulling out the boxes of Christmas decorations the morning after Thanksgiving.  The children caught the Christmas fervor, and there was no stopping until the halls were decked.

 The children paused to document their hard work, but Grandma pressed on until the house was festooned with festivity.
 Sammy loved the tree.  This was a major motivator for him to crawl forward.  I thought the tree would be more diverting to him than it actually was, though, because he was fascinated by all of the child chaos around him all of the time.  I guess you have to prioritize your distractions.  It is the wise baby who watches what the maniac children are doing before he worries about the glitter on the stationary tree.  
 We snuck in another visit to the Hoefferles.  This time Alan and Kaity Broadbent came with their little boys.  I gave Eloise the camera to document the event.  I believe that this is one of her finer shots.
 On Saturday, Rachel was baptized, along with several other children.  We were glad to be able to be a part of her special day.  Here are almost all of her siblings and cousins.  One Campbell baby was left out by accident.
 Don't you just hate it when you look really great, and the sun makes your photo look like it was taken in the 70s?  It was a really special day.  We are so happy that Rachel chose to be baptized and become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!  Jared and Eloise can hardly wait until they are old enough to be baptized, too.
 After the baptism we went to a park near the Campbells' house for a picnic of Eegees sandwiches and Eegees drink, but it was a little bit cold for Eegees.
 The autumn chill returned in time to send us off.  The desert wind has a bite to it.
 On Monday we had a family home evening with everyone who was left.  That was all of the Knights and Jacob's sister Kari.  The kids decorated cupcakes to look like reindeer, and Colette read stories about the symbols of Christmas.
 There was a cupcake party on the trampoline.  B believes that shorts should be worn all year round.

After one more quiet day in Tucson (Grandpa Knight was diagnosed with pneumonia, and all of the Campbells had come down with a cold), we packed up and headed home to our beloved cool and rainy home, where we immediately all came down with symptoms of the cousin cold, and a bad case of Arizona withdrawal.

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