Friday, January 1, 2016

Halloween '15

The day after we got home from our road trip, Grandpa Michael came to help the kiddos carve pumpkins.  They drew their original artwork/faces on the pumpkins, and Grandpa did his best to decipher their markings as faces.  As you can see, everyone was happy with the results.    
The next day was the primary program.  Jared and Eloise posed in their Sunday best, and B, who believed himself to be ready for primary (because why should Jared and Eloise get to do anything that he is left out of?) jumped in for the picture.  The program was delightful.
Sammy is getting much more alert and involved in things.  Library story time is his favorite.
Eloise finished a great soccer season.  She scored a few goals, and most of them were even on the right net.  She always had a great time, no matter what.
The weather started to get cold and drizzly, which was perfect for staying in and fashioning Halloween costumes.  B finally decided to be a bat, after going through most of the animals in the zoo.
Eloise was a zebra.
Autumn leaves in Seattle are the best.  Some of the leaves are bigger than your head.
We dressed up for library story time.
It was our week to host preschool, so we learned E is for ears.
We went to Google Halloween on Friday: zebra, snow leopard, turtle, sloth, bat, and Zookeeper Jared.  He had a sign that said, "Please do not feed the animals. Give all candy to the zookeeper,"  but he refused to carry it, since he was afraid it would be taken seriously.  
Between trick or treating at Daddy's office on Friday, and actual Halloween on Saturday, B found his bee costume from last year, and insisted on combining costumes.  We had a fun Halloween dinner with friends and trick or treated up and down their street.  When we got home, I offered to take these kids to a couple of houses on our street, but there was a meltdown after one house, so home we went.
The excitement is fun, but we were all exhausted.  We have vowed to limit our Halloween festivities to one event next year so that we don't get Halloween burnout again.

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