Wednesday, January 20, 2016


And then, suddenly, without any warning, it was time to board a plane for home, reality, and Christmas preparations in earnest.  

 We found home just as damp, cool, and dark as we left it.  Pacific northwesterners might be part earthworm.  You can't beat the puddles, though.
 We spent the next week and a half recovering from our traveling disease.
 It may have been longer. Time slows down when babies are sick.
Sammy smiles like B,
 but he has his daddy's shifty eyes.
 We had about a million Christmas crafts to complete and wrap.
 During one of our trips to the fabric store, B picked up this remnant and wouldn't put it down, so I paid the twenty five cents so he could keep it.  He spent so much time loving on his fish fabric that I decided to turn it into something.  It didn't quite reach the end of his pillow, but I already had the matching green fabric.  I think he likes it.
 At our church Christmas celebration, Jared was excited to see Santa ("Even though I know it is really Brother Phillips helping Santa"), but mostly he just wanted a candy cane.
 Eloise was the queen of last minute impossible gift requests this year.  She waited until the week of Christmas and asked for a play kitchen, "Like other kids have." She also asked for a kitten.  I'm fairly certain that Santa only brings live animals to children who can do all of their care by themselves.
 I asked B if he was going to ask Santa for a present, and he said, "No, I'm just going to give him a hug." He said he wasn't going to sit on his lap.  He was just going to give him a hug.  Brother Phillips/Santa did talk him onto his lap, but only because it was an easier position to hug from.  As you can see, B was looking for an exit mid-hug.
When the crafts were almost done, the presents were almost wrapped, and we were almost all over the cold, December 14th arrived with cousins!

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