Thursday, January 21, 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas was here!  Benjamin keeps asking to go on a trip to Christmas, since it is no longer here.  I think that is a sign of a successful holiday.  James and Ryan were together nonstop from the time Ryan arrived.  
 We got to talk to our missionary.  It was hard to hear, and a zillion people were talking at once, but he will be home in five months!
 The children decorated sugar cookies for Santa.
 They ate a few, for quality testing purposes.  We don't want to scare Santa off with less than premium quality cookies.
 The children acted out the nativity.  This was less chaotic than I expected it to be.  After the performance, the performers all watched a video depiction of the birth of Jesus Christ, which can be seen here.
 After that we had our traditional Christmas Eve present opening, just to make the anticipation of Christmas morning nearly unbearable, and the children each left a stocking for Santa to fill.

 The children were tucked up all snug in their beds, and just like that it was Christmas!
We got lots of great gifts from our family and friends this year.

 I don't think anyone had a particular favorite gift (they were all so good!) except for B.  Jared got him a little stuffed hippo at the thrift store, and B has hardly gone anywhere without it since Christmas. It is his baby.  Sammy didn't really understand all of the fuss.  He didn't even want to play with wrapping paper, like I thought he might.  He just sat and watched it all unfold.
 Here he is doing his trick (standing up) with new shoes on (Thanks Faith! They make his socks stay on!).
 Eloise modeled her new clothes from Grandma and Grandpa Knight.  B seems to be tackling Ryan in the background.
 Later we took some of the cookies that Santa couldn't eat to the fire station, and the kids sang a Christmas carol.  While we were there, they got a call, and we got to watch the aid unit roll out with lights ablaze and sirens blaring.
 This is the last picture of these two adorable ones, I'm afraid.  The Jensens had to go home the day after Christmas.  Santa brought these girls matching superhero shirts.

 This is our attempt to get a picture of all of the kids with Grandma.  This is probably the most successful picture I got.  At least all of their heads are in it, and no one is terribly blurry.  My standards are low.
 My girls, saying goodbye.
 I wish I could say that James was sad to leave.  He was probably just looking grumpy at the prospect of spending the day traveling.
We were certainly sad to see them go.  We miss you!  The end of Christmas is sad enough without the sorrow of parting.  Merry Christmas!

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