Sunday, November 22, 2015

Utah II

After visiting with the Gs, we headed up Mill Creek Canyon with Cheyenne and her kiddos for a picnic, a hike, and some fun.  Jared promptly fell off a fence and split his head open, but it was only a small cut, and it didn't seem deep, even though head cuts bleed forever.  He was soon up and playing again.  I keep looking at pictures of our family and thinking, "Are all of these ours?  Surely there is a cousin mixed in there somewhere." But no.  This is just us.  
 This is a mix of cousins.  Jared, Aaron, McKay, Victoria (asleep on Cheyenne's back), Cheyenne, B, and Eloise.
 We hiked a little, but the trail we picked first was precarious for children.  B spent the whole time clinging to my hand in terror about falling over the cliff's edge.  We soon turned around and started up another trail, only to find that the children were too tired to go far.  They still had energy for some important rock climbing.
 Isn't my sister lovely?  She has a sweet red haired baby, too.
 When we came out of the canyon, we went back to the house where Cheyenne was staying for Sammy and Todd to nap, and for Cheyenne to do some of her online tutoring.

 After some rest, we picked up Grandma Jill and drove into Salt Lake City to ride the train, and to see the church history museum.
 Everyone loved the train.

 The church history museum was pretty cool, too, with lots of hands on exhibits, and a great video about the first vision of the prophet Joseph Smith.
 There was a whole area just for children.  Eloise was in art room heaven.

 Here we are in evening light at the Salt Lake Temple.
 By the time we had eaten and taken the train back to our car, we were pretty tired, but we woke up the next morning ready for a swim.  It is good that Jared brought this swim cap that he had never used before, because his head was still bleeding a little.
 After a swim and packing up the car, we met Cheyenne and my mom in Murray at Wheeler Farm.  Todd had Aaron in stitches when he started singing in rhythm to the pig's shimmy as it scratched its back against the wall.

 I wish we could have had more time with these ladies.
 Aaron and Jared are good buddies.

 We left Wheeler Farm when we got hungry for lunch, and ate in the car on our way home.  We stopped for the night in Boise before driving the rest of the way home.  The last day of our trip was the longest, of course.  Everyone was tired of being in the car.
 They held up tolerably well.

 B picked the last day of our trip to have his potty training reversal, so he ran out of clothes.  It was a warm day, so we let him ride in just his underwear, sitting on a blanket.
It was a great trip, but we were glad to be home, just in time for the autumn rains to start.

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