Sunday, November 22, 2015

To be a kid

One day my visiting teacher came over and brought us a bag of dress up clothes that her children have outgrown.  Everyone was delighted.  Things started out normally enough, with a princess, a pirate, and a clown.  
 Things got silly pretty quickly.  Apparently putting on a tutu gives Jared a lot of energy.
 Eloise loves this clown costume.  She has decided that it is the perfect way to add a layer on cold days.
 When we were contemplating Halloween costumes for this year, I suggested that we be knights, a princess, and a dragon.  Eloise said, "Alright, as long as I get to be the dragon."
B said, "Alright, as long as I get to be the princess."  Little fella loves his princesses, and I love him.
 My favorite moment of the dress up afternoon was when I overheard Jared dressed as a princess say, "When I grow up, I shall be QUEEN!"
Hurrah for imaginative play.  I have the world's best job.

One day in the same week, we were at Target getting dog food and a couple of other things.  When we came to check out, Jared looked at the kind woman who was ringing up our purchases and said, "You look too old to be lifting heavy things like that."  I immediately, instinctively said, "Jared!!"  He blushed scarlet and ran a few steps away to be alone with his embarrassment, but the woman just laughed.  I wish I could record all of the moments when these children are ever so candid with their observations.  They do make me laugh.

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