Sunday, November 22, 2015


On October 7 we left for Idaho.  We weren't sure we would make it to Idaho this year, since Sammy went through a phase when he would scream every time he was in his car seat, but we went ahead and planned the trip, and he went ahead and grew out of that phase.  He now only cries if he has to travel in the dark.  Our little travelers LOVE road trips, and they LOVE LOVE Idaho, so they were excited to be underway.  We took some car portraits.

 We spent the night in Missoula, Montana, even though it is only a couple of hours away from Salmon, so that we could pick up Grandma and Grandpa Knight from the Missoula airport in the morning.  Any night in a hotel is fine by our kids, especially if we take care to make sure that there is a pool.  Jared has asked for a night in a hotel as a Christmas present.
 When we picked up the grandparents, Grandpa immediately bestowed boxes of candy upon each of the children, to their great delight.  The drive from Missoula to Salmon went quickly with Grandma and Grandpa to provide entertainment.
Grandpa Jolley's mobility is increasingly limited, so he has a golf cart that he drives around the ranch to check up on things.  He was happy to give rides to the children as often as they wanted to go.
 The weather was absolutely beautiful.
 B was beside himself with excitement at all of the tractor/golf cart/four wheeler/motorcycle rides available, but he was a little nervous around Josh, who we haven't seen since before his mission when B was a tiny infant, and Uncle Boyd and Aunt Barbara, who we hadn't seen in over a year.  He stuck close to Daddy for the first few days.
 Jared and Eloise were happy to get right to work feeding the calves with Josh.
 B rode with Todd and Uncle Boyd in a very crowded tractor to drop more hay for the calves.
 And then Jared and Eloise took their turn.
 There are not nicer people on earth than the Stokes and Jolley families.  Josh always made it seem like the "help" he got from the kids was much appreciated.  When Jared played with the corn silo and filled an extra bucket with corn, Josh thanked him for helping prepare for the next feeding and helped him stack empty buckets on top of it so that the birds wouldn't eat it.
When we arrived in Idaho, Boyd and Barb's daughter Mary, who lives with her husband and young son, Eli, on the ranch, had given birth to a second son, Luke, one day earlier.  Aunt Barbara assured us that it was no trouble at all to have us staying there with a new baby around, and Eli tagged along with us on a lot of our adventures so that Mary could rest and take care of tiny Luke.  We are blessed to be related to such kind and generous people.  

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