Thursday, October 1, 2015

September shenanigans

Here are a few of the things we do in autumn.
First of all, we spend a lot of time looking awesome.  
 Sammy plays with his toys, or, more correctly, hollers at them.  He did start chewing desperately on his toys looking for some relief when he had a head cold, but as the congestion has cleared, he has gone back to his old ways.  He continues to shout down his toys until they submit, only eating toys when he is tired or hungry.
 See description of first photo.
 I had to include this picture because Sammy doesn't really nap like this anymore.  He sleeps much better in a quiet room, so his living room naps have come to an end.  This was a rare moment when B was also asleep, so quiet in the living room could be guaranteed.
 Sammy is really into toys.  His favorite is, of course, his own face.
 We continue our tradition of daily walks around the neighborhood, visiting familiar landmarks and lawn ornaments.
 I ordered Sammy a banana suit, and it has finally cooled off enough for him to use it sometimes.  Cutest. Banana. Ever.
 Eloise likes to practice soccer, but she does not like to share the ball with her brothers.
 Everyone wants to push Sammy in the swing.
 You do, too, right?
 A rare moment of sibling peace on the trampoline.

 Again, see the description of the first photo.
 B lives in a world of make believe.  He does not differentiate between reality and imagination.  When I talk to him, I am always intruding in some imaginary world, an intrusion frequently resented.  While playing Super Mario Brothers, I overheard B asking Todd, "Is that one B?  Where is B going?  Is that B in Texas?"
 Once again, refer to photo number one.
 Sammy loves to play rough and wild.  He likes to be tossed in the air, dropped, tickled, surprised, and swung.  His legs pump in the air to show his excitement.  He could swing all day.  He can't always remember how to roll both directions, but in his heart he is already a little monkey.  We have some fun ahead of us with this boy.

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