Thursday, October 1, 2015

Selfies and school pictures

Todd had a short business trip to California, so I took the kids out to DQ for dinner on our way home from the airport.  We took some selfies, because we all love looking at ourselves.

 While Todd was gone, Eloise and B had their first day at a cooperative preschool which I take turns teaching with a couple of other moms in our ward.  Here are their first day of school portraits:

That same afternoon, we went to a back to school party for our homeschool friends, and one of the parents offered to take school pictures for the school aged children (and any younger siblings old enough to cooperate for pictures).  I think they turned out lovely.  I like the results of Brittany telling Jared to "smile softly."
 Eloise CANNOT produce an authentic smile on demand, but she is still lovely.
And just because Sammy didn't get a school portrait, here is a picture of us taken by Eloise.
I'm already feeling nostalgic for Jared's first day of preschool.   I'm the worst parent in the world at letting my kids grow up.  I keep telling them to stop, already, but they keep growing and learning in spite of me.  

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