Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall Sports

Eloise started soccer on September 12.  She was wildly excited.  Her team is called the Bumblebees.  

 Her excitement was contagious, so Jared begged to be allowed to sign up to play soccer.  Given his level of interest in the last couple of seasons of soccer, we decided to forbear.  Instead, Jared read the City of Kirkland Parks and Recreation guide, and decided to prepare for the Kirkland kids' triathlon on September 12.  He practiced running and biking long distances without stopping.  He practiced swimming all summer, although the kids triathlon has a "splash" rather than a swim.  During the week before the triathlon, we got word that water pollution in Juanita Bay was too bad, and the beach was closed to swimmers, so the triathlon got turned into a duathlon: run-bike-run instead of swim-bike-run.

Jared's event started at the same time as Eloise's first soccer practice, so Todd dropped me, Sammy, and Jared off on his way to take Eloise to soccer.  Here is our little athlete setting up for the race.
 Here he is just after the race started.  I was irrationally nervous.  I knew that Jared understood the route, but I remembered how anxious I was before my first few races.  The wind was blowing over the water, and the smell coming off the water was raw sewage.  It was the only very unpleasant thing about this lovely warm day.
 The kids ran to the parking lot, did two bike laps around the big parking lot, and then ran around the perimeter to the park back to the beach and the finish line.
 Here he is at the end getting his ribbon.  He didn't get lost, and he ran all of the way.  He hasn't been a huge fan of running, especially sustained running, so I was proud of him.
 He was proud, too.
 The whole race took less than half an hour, so we went to get a doughnut while we waited for soccer to be over.
It is fun to see what our kids can achieve when they find something they are interested in. I love to see them trying new things.

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