Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sammy at four months

Four month old Sammy is very social.  He wants to be in the middle of things all of the time.  
 When he gets his hands on a toy, he does not put it in his mouth like other babies might.  Instead he holds his toy at arm's length and shouts at it.  I guess when you are the youngest you have to have something to boss around.
Sammy takes his morning nap here, in the back seat of the stroller.  August is still a warm month, but sometimes the sun hasn't warmed our neighborhood yet by the time we leave for our walk.  As a matter of fact, this picture was taken in Seattle at the zoo, where the weather is usually a few degrees cooler than at home.  This was the day Sammy discovered his tongue.
 Peaches! August is canning season, so Sammy got his first taste of sweet, delicious peach.  He was a huge fan.  He did get a little frustrated when he didn't know how to chew and swallow
 I took a picture of Sammy in his duck towel to compare to his picture from his first bath.  I guess I should have put Todd's hand in the picture for comparison.  At birth he weighed 8 lbs. 9 oz. At his four month well check (Aug. 24) he weighed 16 lbs. 5 oz.

I would say that these eyes are his most dominant feature.  Sammy spends a lot of time taking in his surroundings.  He is learning a lot.  He still doesn't roll on his own except for very rare occasions, but he talks, he grabs, and he stares.  
 Jared embraces his brotherhood occasionally, when it suits him.  He frequently assists Sammy to roll over.  Jared discovered picking Sammy up and carrying him around this month.  Sammy tolerates it for a minute or two, because he adores Jared.  His eyes light up when Jared is around, and his expression shows that he is very engaged when Jared plays with him.  They are forming a special bond.

Boy do they ever look alike.  I call the above picture my little Jared, big Jared shot.  B and Eloise photo bombed.  
 The following pictures capture Sammy in a typical Sammy conversation.

 This is Sammy on his first camping trip on August 20-21.  He did fine.  He is entering a phase when sleep is fairly elusive, so the best I can say is that he slept about as well as he sleeps at home, which is pretty unimpressive.
 Sammy is tall for his age, which means that he is big enough to ride on my back in the carrier, which would be more of a milestone if he had more patience for being carried.  This was his first ride on my back on August 24.
 This is Sammy's happy place.  He loves to be part of whatever the big sibs are doing.
This is my happy place, too.

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