Sunday, September 6, 2015

Birthday Party

A week and a day after Jared turned six, we celebrated with a party.  The extra week gave us some time to prepare.  We also had to get in one more swimming trip. . . 
 . . . and some pretend sleep in a box.
Jared was in charge of party planning.  He turns out to be a minimalist like his mama.  This turned out to be a very good thing, since he wanted to invite everyone in the world who he knows.  We made a game, 
 some party favor bags,
 a cake,
 and some dog biscuit sugar cookies to wrap individually and put in the party favor bags.
 It was a wildly good party.  I think the total tally of children was 20 including babies, and I never counted the adults.  A wind storm left us without power starting about four hours before the party.  The power outage lasted until Sunday evening at 8.  A lot of the kids had a good time playing hide and seek in the dark rooms of our basement with flashlights.
 Some of the dads helped clear tree branches from our grass so that we could play "I had a little doggie."
It was just the kind of chaos that Knight kids love, and just the right way to celebrate Jared.

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