Sunday, September 6, 2015

Birthday Campout

For Jared's birthday, he wanted to go camping at Tolt-MacDonald Park, just like last year.  We went up the afternoon before his birthday to camp for one night.  
 After the tent was set up, we had to go exploring.
 The goal was to go wading, but the river water is much colder than the lake water we usually swim in, and it was a cool and cloudy day.
 Did that stop us?  It did not!  Well, it stopped Todd and Sammy.  The rest of us had fun freezing.
 Jared wanted tinfoil dinners for supper.  I think everyone liked the idea of tinfoil dinners more than reality.  Todd says that this is because they were made with little sausages instead of hamburger.  I believe it is actually because the children were also eating marshmallows.

 Jared got his first bee sting while playing in some tall grass.  I think he was stung once in front of his ear and once behind, but we only noticed the sting in front of his ear right away.  Behind his ear got very swollen, and when the swelling went down we discovered a stinger still in his skin.
It can be hard to fall asleep in a tent, so, at B's request, we watched The Lion King.   None of the kids liked it very much.  Eloise tells me that it is too scary.  
B slept as badly as last year, but this year he didn't scream all night, so that was better.  He still ended up in the car with Daddy for most of the night.  Sammy slept okay.  We never got the predicted rain.  
 Jared asked for a portrait at age 5 (Aug. 20),
 and another at age 6 (Aug. 21).  Did he change much?
 Jared asked for breakfast burritos on his birthday.  The kids ate breakfast in their pajamas.
 Thistles were growing everywhere, so shoes had to stay on.
 After we took down our tent, we had a little bit more exploring to do along the river.
 Scaling this sandy embankment was an absolutely essential order of business, as was eating blackberries and throwing rocks in the river.
We came home tired, but we still managed to have our friends, the Hunts, over for pizza and movie night, and some delicious made-by-Jordanne cupcakes.  Jordanne takes her cake making seriously, so her cakes are seriously delicious.  Happy birthday, Jared!

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