Sunday, September 6, 2015

Back to School

And just like that, summer is over.  There is a chill and a smell of dampness in the air that won't go away until next summer's sun burns it away.  B is snuggling his favorite animals to keep warm.  Trusty old Owl, Frog, and 'Potty dog are his best 'nuggling friends.
 We went to a park opening next to Google.  Eloise will not be persuaded that it is no longer summer, so she ended up in Daddy's coat.  She looked like a big, black marshmallow.

We started back to school this week, but don't tell Jared.  He really didn't want to start school until after Labor Day.  So far we have done a lot of postcard writing, started a book of jokes to practice handwriting, taken a math placement assessment, trained for a triathlon, practiced subtracting with fruit loops ("This is easier than using a number line!"-Jared, with his mouth full of subtracted fruit loops), watched a French video, gone to the library, learned about how plants spread their seeds, collected a few specimens, and had a field trip.
 Eloise is getting good at adding and subtracting with manipulatives.  B is good at eating fruit loops.

For our field trip, we went to the Nordic Heritage Museum, which has a free day on the first Thursday of the month, complete with a story time and a craft.
 My little Valkyries.

 B is afraid of mannequins, especially when they have painted faces.  NHM has a lot of mannequins showing native dress.  This picture was posed right after B told me that he was also 'cared of a painted horse.
 We took a break for lunch on the playground.  NHM is currently located in a 1907 school building that is still owned by Seattle Public Schools.
 We enjoyed the fact that the museum had a playground.

 After lunch we went back inside to learn about our Scandinavian heritage, the origin of our beloved Legos, and stories of trolls before we went home.  I especially liked how many of the rooms had trivia/scavenger hunt cards for families as we entered.
 I think we might need to adopt Iceland's traditional Christmas cat, which mauls naughty children.  Sometimes the threat of coal in stockings is not enough, I guess.  I wouldn't know.  These little angels never give me a moment's grief (is anyone not picking up on the sarcasm?  I know it doesn't always translate into print).

As we drove away from the museum, I noticed that we were only a few blocks from Golden Gardens Park, so I decided to stop.  It was probably close to 70 degrees out, and the wind made it feel like a cool 60, but we could not resist the siren call of the sea.  B wanted me to take off all of his clothes.

 They could have played for hours in the sand and the surf.
 My judgment said that they should not stay so cold for too long.  B got very wet.

 I'm so glad that we stopped.  It was a beautiful day.
This school year is going to be so much fun.  

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