Sunday, August 9, 2015

More cousin fun

When we had been home from Houston for one week, we got a visit from Colette, Jacob, Rachel, Annie, Ryan, and Megan.  We have been waiting for three years for this visit!  All of the delightful cousin chaos commenced immediately.
We wanted to take the Campbells to see some of our favorite things in the Pacific Northwest, so we started with the locks and fish ladder.  Both of these concepts were foreign to our Arizona relatives because they involve water.  I don't think they were disappointed.  The salmon were out in numbers.
B and Ryan spent a lot of the week together.
 The dark underground fish ladder viewing area gives everyone scary eyes in pictures.
 We meandered across the locks, stopping to watch a couple of seals swim.  Our other adventure was walking under the trees that house a colony of blue herons.  Jared looked up and got a face full of bird poop.  Rachel, who was walking next to Jared, also got splattered. Yuck!

 We want to the museum and watched a video about the locks while Todd went back to the car for our lunch. I say "watched a video" in the loosest possible sense. Megan was all over the place, B played musical chairs, and, after a few minutes, most of the kids had wandered out of the theater.

The locks museum has a figure representing an old fashioned ship captain that looks very real, if a bit yellow skinned and stationary.  I should have taken a picture of it.  B rounded a corner, came face to face with the mannequin, and started screaming.  I don't blame him.  The thing is fairly unsettling.
 We had a picnic lunch next to the locks where we could see boats, and then we came home for an afternoon dip in the lake, followed by some bike/scooter/trampoline time.

Friday was another scorcher of a day, so we went to the movie theater and saw Inside Out. The kids were pretty good in the theater, except for Megan who is perpetually in motion. One year old curiosity is not conducive to a relaxing theater experience.  It was baby's day at the movies, so she was not the only wiggly kid in the theater.  
 Friday afternoon we did one of Eloise's favorite things.  We rode the ferry!  Rachel rode with us.
 We drove to Mukilteo and parked at the lighthouse park, where parking used to be free, but no longer.  :(  We walked onto the ferry.

 It is nice to be on the water on a hot day.
 Here we are waiting for the return ferry.
 This picture of B was taken moments before he disappeared.  He heard that it was almost time to disembark, so he strode on ahead of us, realizing only later that we weren't with him.  We found him pretty quickly, but not before my blood pressure shot up.
 We had a picnic at the park,
 and then the kids played on the playground and waded in the ocean water for a short time before we rounded them (and all of their new shells and rocks) up to head home.
 Ocean water is much colder than lake water at this time of year.

It was refreshing to soak our feet in the nice cool ocean on a hot day.

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