Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Knights and Hoefferles together again

At the end of July we had a visit from our very good friends from forever, the Hoefferles.  They had never been to Seattle, so they were anxious to start sightseeing right away.  We met them at the Seattle Center right after they got off of their plane.  While we were waiting for them to arrive, I had my first of many awkward experiences of the week reciting children's books to B in public bathrooms to help him relax enough to use a strange toilet.  Whatever it takes, right?  How fortunate that I have memorized the full text of "In the Night Kitchen," as well as several Boynton books to use when necessary.
 We had a picnic next to International Fountain with our friends.  The kids skirted around each other for a little while.  I guess seeing each other once or twice a year is not enough for them to remember each other well.
 The Knight children's favorite thing about the Seattle Center is the monorail train.  A four minute train ride is much more exciting than museums, monuments, fountains, gardens, and art exhibits to these children.
 On the train!
 We were delighted to discover a new playground next to the Experience Music Project.  B climbed up to the little slide a dozen times.
 Jared, Eloise, Landon, and Cade were all over the huge spider web.  Jared bravely climbed way above his comfort level and took the huge slide down.
 The Hoefferles were tired after their early morning plane ride, so we went home after playing on the playground.  Our backyard with its soft grass, trampoline, tree swing, and sub-one hundred degree temperatures was a wonderland to our Arizona friends.

The next morning we headed to Pike Place Market to see some iconic Seattle.  It was mobbed on a hot summer day.
We got some Hom Bow, Korean barbecue sticks, and hot dogs for lunch.  How do kids keep up so much energy while eating so little?  Jared ate as much as all of the other kids put together.
We finally found the gum wall in Post Alley. . . and then Cade lost his balance and actually touched it.  Yuck!
 Believe me, it is more disgusting in person, if possible.
 I was not feeling very well by the time we left the market.  Sammy was in a bad sleep cycle, so I had not slept well in about five days.  We went from the market to the locks, but I was feeling terrible by the time we got there, and the kids were all tired, so we didn't stay there for very long.  When we got home I fell asleep for two hours and woke up feeling worse than before.  I think I was severely dehydrated.

I was glad to take the following day much more slowly.  We hung around the house in the morning, had lunch with the Christensens, and then went to play at the beach.
 Then we went home to play in our magical wonderland yard and roast hot dogs in the fire pit.  Ethan wanted to hold Sammy.
 It is so good to be able to hang out again!
After the kids were in bed, we stayed up and played board games.  We all got beat by Dan at Phase 10, just like the good old days.

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