Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Friday with the Hoefferles was tide pool day.  We drove up to Deception Pass State Park.  We got ready on the drive with tide pool vocabulary worksheets.  
 B's favorite tide pool word is anemones.
 Eloise also perused our field guide to find rocky sgore dwellers to search for.
 It was a 90 degree day in Kirkland, so I thought that surely it wouldn't be freezing on Fidalgo Island.  False.  It was frigid.  Shorts and single jackets were inadequate.
 B could have spent all day watching crabs and poking anemones.  Jared was all over the rocks making discoveries.  Here is a dead barnacle.
 Landon fell on slippery algae and discovered firsthand the sharp defenses of the barnacles.
Everyone had a great time skipping rocks at the beach as the tide came in.  We climbed up off the beach for a picnic.  The sun came out, and we were away from the chilly water, so everyone was at least comfortably warm.
 These boys came up with a solution to the sunny heat: sit in the crabapple hedge.
 We went from the tide pools down through Whidbey Island to Fort Casey, where the Christensens met us.  There was a cold wind blowing there, too.  Somehow Todd ended up with Eloise's sweatshirt on his head.  What a hottie.
 Jared really wanted to go on a tour of the fort led by a volunteer.  He probably would have lasted for the entire 45 minute tour, learning about the geography of the area, and the history of marine warfare, but none of the other children made it to ten minutes on the tour, and Jared reluctantly opted to play with his friends.
 These stairs are tall for little legs.
 Lots and lots of little legs.
From left: Price, Jared, Grant, Landon, B, Eloise, Max, and Cade.
 I have a theory that Dan likes to hang out with Todd because it makes Dan look more cool. . . maybe.
 Four year old smiles are goofy.

 We took the ferry home from the island.  We felt the heat as we got on the ferry.

Saturday was the Hoefferles' last day in Washington, so we had to spend it at the beach, of course.
 Sammy took a brief nap in the stroller, but was awake for most of the time on the beach; a first for him.  He also let me put his toes in the lake for a few minutes.
 B also went out in the water more than he has all summer.  He even let me tow him out to deep water in an inner tube.

 Cade and Landon, like Annie, are rock and shell collectors. Their collective influence got Eloise started collecting rocks and shells.

Five years ago, Rebecca, Katie, and I took this picture with our boys.
We wanted to recreate it with these enormous babies.  
 And with all of the kids, although some of them did not want to participate.  You can't even see us behind all of the kids.
 I'm so glad that these boys didn't ever outgrow their friendship.  I wish we saw more of the Hoefferles.
 Come again soon, guys.

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