Monday, August 10, 2015


Cherries are messy.
 This is possibly the last picture we will ever take of B in a diaper.  With cousins gone and no trips planned, B started potty training in the middle of July.  This is also a cute brothers picture, although Sammy is a little nervous to be left on the couch with only the boys. Sometimes they forget he is a human.
 The Seattle temple was closed for most of July, so we made the three hour drive down to the Portland, Oregon temple on July 11.  We met the Christensens there after our picnic, and they watched the kids while Todd and I went inside.
 It was fun to change up our monthly visit to the temple with a different temple.
 This trip was the beginning of the end of car tolerance for Sammy.  I sincerely hope that he starts to be a little more patient about car rides soon.
Jared says that 7-11 free slurpee day is his second favorite holiday, after the fourth of July.  We couldn't miss it even though we were having the only cool, overcast day of this very hot summer.

When we are not in the car or trying to sleep at night, Sammy is a happy, chatty baby.  He only says two things: goo-oo and yaaaa, but he says them very expressively.
". . . and then the mushroom said, 'Why not? I'm a fun guy!"
"Get it? Fun guy? Fungi?"
"Oh. You've heard that one before."
"Give me a break. Every joke is new to a three month old."

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