Monday, August 10, 2015

Born on the fourth of july

On the fourth of July, we started the day with our ward pancake breakfast at O.O. Denny park.  After pancakes, sausage, juice, and fruit, we played on the playground for a while.  In contrast to last year, Independence day 2015 started out warm.  
Here is Sammy in a swing for the first time.  He liked it more than he is letting on in the picture.  He was pretty steady in the swing for a barely three month old.
Since the day was already warm, we went from the playground to the water.  I didn't get any pictures of the water fun, but Colette did.  You can see her pictures here.  For some reason I always seem to have my hands full of child these days, which makes picture taking difficult.

We went home for lunch and an attempt at naps, since the fireworks would be keeping kids up late.  Since July 4 is also our cute Megan's birthday, we had a celebration in our back yard with fire, hot dogs, marshmallows, potato salad (called "pickle surprise" by the Campbells), and birthday cake.
We are glad we got to celebrate Megan's first birthday with her.

Every baby loves a baby.
Marshmallows. . .
. . .  and strawberry banana cream cake.  A birthday and a holiday justified double dessert.

Megan was happy about cake.  We didn't let her demolish the whole cake, but she got plenty messy with just her one piece.
I didn't realize that there was enough chocolate on the whole cake to make her face this chocolaty.
Happy birthday, Megan!
I stayed home from the fireworks excursion, since Sammy was overwrought from a day of much excitement and little napping, and Megan had already gone to bed for the night.  All of the kids were pretty tired from a day of fun, but they lasted a while at the park watching fireworks around the lake.  They came home before the big fireworks displays started at 10.  Sometimes we wish it would get dark a little earlier in the summer.

Sunday was a quieter day, meaning that we didn't go out adventuring.  It was still a crazy cousin day.  Eight children under age 8 in one house keeps things lively.

On Monday we went back to the "pool with waves" as Ryan called it.  We brought our big inflatable raft to play on in the swimming area.  Colette and Todd took most of the kids out on the raft for a little while.  Apparently we were in violation of local law for having more than five people in the raft, and not all with life jackets.  When the sheriff's deputy called out from his boat, "Stop your vessel!" We truly had no idea that he could be talking to us, as our inflatable "vessel" was ten yards from shore.
Sammy has made peace with gentle breezes and sunlight, but he still tries to spend all of his time at the beach asleep if he can.
B loves to wear his puddle jumpers and goggles ("doggles"), but he doesn't love to be out in the water.  It has taken a lot of trips to the beach to persuade him to go out more than ankle deep.  
Since Arizona is too hot to do anything else for nine months of the year, the Arizona cousins are very accustomed to water.  Jared was delighted to find that Rachel and Annie were as enthusiastic about staying in the lake as he was.  

The Campbells had to head home to Arizona on Tuesday morning.  It was wonderful to have a long awaited visit from cousins.  We do not see each other often enough.

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