Thursday, July 9, 2015

Our Hot Washington Summer

We got home from hot, rainy Houston to find Washington in a heat wave.  I know 90 degrees every day is normal for some of you, but air conditioning is not a standard feature on houses here, so we suffer a bit in the heat.  The great redeeming feature of the Pacific Northwest is water access.  We headed straight to the beach.  Since water can be found only five minutes from home, we don't have to commit ourselves to a major outing to be able to cool off on the beach.  
This picture was taken just before we left the park with Eloise and B both screaming and crying. You can probably see the sadness in Eloise's face.  Eloise, it turns out, had a fever of 102.9.  She was the latest casualty of the cousin disease from Texas. B just likes to cry when other people are crying to complicate things.  
 The following picture is remarkable because none of the other children have been able to lie around in short sleeved onesies when they are under three months old.  Jared was born at the end of summer, Eloise never experienced summer in her first year of life, since it started late in California and was short and early in Washington, and we moved in between, and B was born in the dead of winter.
 Sammy isn't the only one to be found in various states of undress at any given moment.
 It is seriously hot.  Todd got after me for having the crock pot on in the house.  That is how hot it is.
 Hurrah for the beach.
Jared never gets out of the water if he can help it.
I can't believe we have two months of heat left.  We are going to need some more fans.