Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sibling Love

Nothing warms my mama heart like seeing my kiddos playing together.  They all put on soccer shirts in honor of Eloise's last soccer game.  When they turned around, we realized that we had thing one, thing two, and thing three!
 Cute from the front and the back.
 Here are the three musketeers not fighting over whose turn it is to drive the tractor at the zoo.  This moment of tranquility lasted until Jared growled at another child who was waiting his turn for the tractor.  Someone please tell me that they will figure out this sharing thing someday.
 B was very excited to scream at these goats.  Thank you, Grandpa Knight, for sharing this video with him.  Our lives used to be so quiet and dull.  For future reference, screaming is not permitted around the live animals in the petting area of the zoo.
 We are having a heat wave in Washington.  Eloise's hair was acting like a scarf when she rode her bike in the heat, so she opted for a summer haircut.  Here are the three musketeers at the park next to the library, waiting for me to produce a picnic.
 The heat is making the berries ripen early.  The kids even found some blackberries ripe in the woods yesterday, a full month earlier than we would expect to see them.  We went strawberry picking on one warm, sunny morning with our other "siblings," the Christensens.  Sammy was not a fan of the moving air, so I spent most of the time tending to his needs, and let Jared and Eloise do most of the picking.
 Jared did very well.
 B ate a lot of strawberries.  A LOT of strawberries.  He was happy to follow Rebecca around while I took care of Sammy.  B looooooooves Rebecca.
 Here is a picture of all of the kids resting from their child labor.  Eloise has oodles of brothers.
 One day, while Jared was in his class at the YMCA, Eloise, B, Sammy, and I went for a stroll along the water that runs next to the Y and looked at ducks.
 The ducks were fine, but the geese were super aggressive.  We had to change direction a couple of times to give them a wide enough berth. The goslings would wander toward us, and then their parents would come running out in front of them hissing and flapping their wings.
 Eloise and B love chasing ducks, and Eloise quizzed me about whether they are carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores.  It turns out that they are omnivores.

B checks out books about the Cars movie from the library as often as he can find them, and then spends the week carrying them around until they have to be returned.  He doesn't mind sharing them with Sammy, but he gets pretty mad when Jared sneaks away with his Cars book.
 Not only do I take my entourage everywhere I go, but when I walk the dog around the neighborhood, I bring my fleet of bicycles.  Eloise recently started riding her pedal bike around, and she is getting really good.
 Don't worry if there aren't enough riding toys at the park.  Jared and Eloise can share.
 On National Doughnut Day we learned how to make our own doughnuts.  It was easier than I expected, but it did involve deep frying, which is not my favorite.  They turned out pretty good.
 One day, Todd said that I could bring the kids down to ride the bus home from work with him.  We got away late and ended up meeting him at a bus stop along his route home so that they could ride the bus from there.  The bus riding excitement could not be contained.  Eloise was very careful to keep Jared from going too close to the road as he looked to see if the bus was coming.
 That was a very hot day to be sitting in the sun.  All of the heat and sunshine had us feeling very prepared for our trip to Houston!

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