Sunday, June 28, 2015

Humidity, Humistons, Houston, and Hermann Park

One of the things were were very excited about in Houston was the chance to go to the space center.  It was a very hot and damp day, and I totally forgot to bring a bottle for Sammy.  Walgreen's to the rescue!

Here we are sweating on the tram tour.  
It was very cool to see mission control, and all of the buildings where innovation and space exploration happen.  I especially liked memorial grove where an oak tree is planted in honor of every astronaut who lost his life in space.  
 The tour was not too long, but the kids got hot.

 By the time we got into this building to see the Saturn V rocket, Sammy was overheated and grumpy, and Eloise cried when she learned that she wouldn't get to ride in the space shuttle.  Life is pretty hard sometimes.  She cried a lot.  So did Sammy.  And then it started pouring rain.
 All of the kids calmed down and were fairly happy for our picnic, but as soon as I picked him up again, Sammy got fussy, and that was basically the end of seeing the space center for me.  I will have to go back again when Sammy is older.
Todd took the kids around to see the exhibits.  Eloise wants to be an astronaut when she grows up (to get that ride in the space shuttle).  Jared only got lost once, when he stopped to read an informational sign and we walked on without him.  A kind stranger returned him, and he was slightly more careful from then on.  

 Quarters on the space station do not look quite so cramped when the astronauts are two, three, and four years old.
We left when the kids got tired, got slightly lost in Houston, stuck in traffic, and arrived home just slightly before everyone else.  

The weather report told us we were in for a soaking from tropical storm Bill, so we hunkered down (16 of us in one house) and waited for the storm to begin, but apparently it missed us, because the weather never got windier or wetter than it had already been.  

We are not completely inept at keeping secrets.  Cheyenne had no idea that Faith would be coming.  When she arrived on Tuesday, Cheyenne's first thought on seeing her was that she was having an out of body experience and looking at herself from across the room!  It was amazing to have us all together.  Now the fun could really begin.  

We all took it in turns to go to the Houston temple, which is very beautiful, and not far from Anni and Ryan's home in Spring.  
Cheyenne wanted to show off her selfie face with Victoria, but Victoria was more interested in eating Cheyenne's face.
Todd kept the kids entertained with a little "Faster than Light."  The children flock to him and his computer like moths to a porch light.  He is the pied piper.  Notice Aaron draped over the back of the couch.  I think his motto in life is "Have limbs: must climb."
B loves Sammy, and he loved Victoria (or Tutoria, or Tatortilla as he called her).
B was not terribly fond of James, who is too much the same size as he is, and therefore threatening to his status.  There was a lot of B pushing James going on.  Little stinker.  Try explaining to a two and a half year old that his hefty one year old cousin should be treated like one of the babies.  He wasn't buying it.
With seventeen of us in the house (9 children), we resorted to extremes to keep the peace.  In this case, episodes of "Bill Nye the Science Guy."  That was the only show that all could agree on.
I took this picture of James and Ryan because I know that we will never believe that James was this fat in a few years.  He is a cuddly little guy.
Another favorite activity was tackle Uncle Andrew.
For Cheyenne's birthday, she wanted to go to Hermann Park in Houston.  We were all agreeable, even though it was extremely hot.  We arrived at the park and found that we had a message from Cheyenne that they had a flat tire and would be delayed while they filled it with air.  Then the tire broke and they had to put on their spare, so we had plenty of time to ride the train around the park without them.
B was in train heaven.  And Aunt Faith heaven.  He told me all about how we were on the train on the train tracks! We even went through a "tunnel," which was actually a train shed with murals on the walls.

Sammy was fussy in the heat.  When Cheyenne's family arrived with our lunch cooler, we sat down to eat and Sammy guzzled a bottle.  After that he was calmer.
 After lunch we cooled off in the splash pad.
 It was so hot that even Sammy (who is still pretty sensitive to wind and water) didn't object to getting a little wet.
 Nicole came to meet us, and we all had a refreshing splash.
 Hermann Park is pretty cool.
Sammy tolerated the water, but Victoria loved it.
We managed to find our way back from Houston to Spring without getting lost this time.  

I hope that these two will be the best of friends.  

We had a girls' night trip to the movies for Cheyenne's birthday.  We went to see (and make fun of) "San Andreas."  It was utterly ridiculous.  We probably ruined it as an action movie for everyone else in the theater with our occasional guffaws that we could not suppress.
And now. . . we rebuild.  

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