Sunday, May 24, 2015

One month old Sammy faces

Sammy was given a name and a blessing at church while Grandma and Grandpa were here.  In true fourth child style, we got no pictures of Sammy in his suit or our family together for the big day, but lack of photographs indicates a shortage of available hands and excess of demands on our parental attention, not a shortage of love for this fourth born child.  
 The consensus is that Sammy looks like Jared all over again, only with slightly darker eyes, but, as time goes by, he looks more and more like himself.  Jared had a rounder face, anyway.
 While B certainly misses being the youngest, he adores Sammy.  He loves to rub Sammy's head gently while baby talking to him in a high pitched voice.  B runs into my room every morning asking for Sammy.
 Sammy has gotten very close to actually smiling, but never for long enough to be caught on camera.  This picture was a near miss of a smile. His eyes are still showing the smile, though.
 Sammy is growing bigger and stronger each day.  He is taking a greater and greater interest in the faces that surround him.  He whines when he is left alone in a room for a minute.
He is a restful little guy.  Most nights he sleeps for at least four hours at a time, and he is content to nap around the house, in the stroller, or in the car all day, as long as he is fed every two hours or so.  He is developing a healthy fear of being left alone with his brothers, who are not always thoughtful about where they step, or where they throw their toys, and they occasionally forget that they are not supposed to pick Sammy up and move him unassisted. Ten pounds of floppy baby is a lot for a 45 pound brother to safely transport any distance.  I often think that Sammy's health and heartiness is a blessing that God knew he would need to hold his own as the fourth child in our active and energetic family.
 We all love our sweet little Sammy.

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