Sunday, May 24, 2015


When we have not been playing with Grandparents, we have been keeping ourselves busy.  During one rainy day we painted birdhouses.  
Eloise painstakingly covered every inch of her birdhouse with pinkish-red paint.  Jared glopped some blue paint on his birdhouse as fast as possible and stretched out on the living room floor with a book.  B put most of his painting energy into combining colors on his plate, and occasionally remembered to put some on his birdhouse.  I love watching these kids create.  Their personalities are reflected so perfectly in their art.

Jared and Eloise play together all of the time.  We couldn't find the bag for this sleeping bag after the stake campout that Todd took Jared and Eloise on at the beginning of the month, so Jared and Eloise decided to see if they could fit in the sleeping bag together.  Jared dived down to the bottom of the bag on an exploring expedition, and, lo and behold, the sleeping bag sack was hiding in the bottom of the sleeping bag.
B wants to do everything Sammy does.  He has renamed himself B-Sam anytime he wants to be like Sammy.  When he wants to be picked up, he says, "Hold B-Sam, Mommy!"  After they had a bath together, Sammy got his blue jammies on, so B-Sam needed to have his blue jammies and a hat on, too.  Here they are together.
Our neighbors who have horses also keep pigeons.  We have been making friends with them as we make our regular visits to the horses.  Susan offered to let the children touch a pigeon on one visit.
Story times for the school year ended in May.  We won't have any more story times until July.  We have loved Miss Jennifer's story times this year.  B, Eloise, and Lilly like to sit close so that they can see the books well.  Jared usually spends story time lying under a chair reading a Magic Treehouse book, which he can read from start to finish in the hour of story time, but for the last story time of the year, he decided to participate.
The children had their semiannual dental exams. It went better than I could have expected.  Sammy was a little bit fussy, but B was not one bit clingy, so I was free to give Sammy all of my attention. B even let the dental assistant pick him up, and he lay on the table without complaint for his exam.  He didn't get the complete cleaning since he doesn't have a complete set of baby teeth, yet, but he did have fluoride painted on his teeth.
B loved the sunglasses and the Cars movie on the ceiling.  He also loved picking a prize at the end.  I can't convince Jared and Eloise that summer isn't completely here. With weather that fluctuates between lovely 80 degrees and misty, damp 50 degrees, they have declared all weather sandals weather. I imagine I should just be glad that I don't have as many socks to wash.
Jared got to do the climbing wall for two weeks with his homezone class at the YMCA.  Unfortunately, after the second week of sharing helmets, the instructors discovered that one of the children in the program had had head lice.  My head itched for two days with pure sympathy/anxiety after reading that email, but the Knight household remains lice free.
Here is a dapper B, who turned two and a half this week, posing on his tricycle.  He calls it his "balance bike," since that is what Eloise rode until recently, when she gained confidence on her pedal bike.
Don't be deceived by the pout here.  This is pure theatrics. He smoldered for the camera just so he could see the effect.  B wished that it was his birthday, since Eloise got a birthday party, and I had a birthday soon after.  He asked if he could share my birthday, and I didn't mind.  We celebrated with hamburgers, fries, root beer, lemon bars, and family home evening in the park.
Eloise contracted pink eye right after her birthday party, and spent the week with green goo oozing out of her eyes, which took turns getting puffy and discolored.  Then she, Jared, and Todd picked up a cough, which they are still fighting.  We had a very healthy winter, so I can't complain about a little spring cold.  I'm sure we will be at 100% health again before we know it.  Happy lovely, sunny May!

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