Saturday, May 2, 2015

Easter and General Conference

Three days after Sammy was born was Easter.  In between sessions of general conference we dyed Easter eggs.  
 There was not a lot of enthusiasm for egg decorating.  B wanted to eat eggs.  We dyed half a dozen eggs, and then went to play outside.
 We spent Easter, and most of the weekend parked in front of the TV watching our prophet and apostles speak.
 Eight hours of speakers is a lot, even when we have Easter treats to keep us busy, so the children spent a lot of time playing with toys and doing a 1000 piece puzzle.  They also played at hiding and finding eggs over and over.
 The family room was a toy minefield by the end of conference.
 Sammy slept through most of it.
I always love hearing from our church leaders.  I am looking forward to reviewing their messages in the coming months, and appreciating them more as the newborn baby haze wears off.

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