Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Post About Eloise

 When Sammy was born exactly two weeks before Eloise's birthday, I knew it was going to be tough to make it special for her, but I had no idea that she would be upstaged by Sammy being admitted to the hospital on her day.  I spent the afternoon in the ER, but we (meaning Todd) managed to pull off a hot dog cookout and campout in our yard with the Christensens for the big kids (Price, B, Rebecca, and Jordanne slept indoors).  Eloise got a new bike with pedals that is just her size, a basket, and a helmet.  She can't pedal uphill, yet, but she is getting pretty good.
How old is she now?
 Oh, yeah. She is four.
We took her to toys r us to pick out a toy, and, after examining every toy under $5 in the entire store, Eloise had to have this squishy alligator, which is now the most played with toy in our house, except for Legos.  Princess mania seems to have bypassed our family.  Eloise prefers to wear pajamas 24-7.
One thing Eloise does not like at all is having her hair brushed.  We have a daily conversation that goes like this:
Mom: Eloise, come and get your hair brushed.
Eloise: (running away) Uh-uh.
Mom: Brush or scissors?
Eloise: (walking back to Mom as slowly as possible) Brush!

Eloise loves art projects.  Anytime she isn't running around the house shouting pretend play directions to Jared, or careening around the neighborhood at top speed on her bike, she can be found with paper and pens, crayons, or markers, practicing letters, tracing pictures, or drawing figures.  She also loves painting, and creating with clay and sidewalk chalk.
 Eloise has been my best helper since Sammy was born.  She is always willing to sit patiently and feed Sammy a bottle if someone else needs something from me while Sammy is hungry.  She will also sit with Sammy and report to me if I am in a different part of the house and he starts to cry.  This high level of patience has been a lifesaver for me.  I'm thankful for my little nurturer.
 Although, outside of our family circle, Eloise is very quiet, she loves to be active.  She has an energizing influence on Jared, who tends to stretch out with a book when he is left to his own devices.  Spring soccer started a week after Eloise's birthday.  I think she was anticipating the beginning of soccer season even more than her birthday.  She loves to run, and is getting better and better at listening to directions.
 After Eloise got her vaccines at her well child checkup, she got to pick out a treat.  She was very brave, possibly thanks to "Curious George Goes to the Hospital."  There is nothing like a monkey getting a shot to make it less scary.  Eloise was going to get a cookie, but the store was handing out cookie samples, so she opted for cheetos with her cookie.  I'm not sure where this crazy face came from.
Eloise makes every Knight adventure more fun.  I don't know who any of us would be without the influence of this fun loving girl.  Happy birthday, Princess!

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