Monday, April 6, 2015

Samuel Dale Knight

Samuel Dale Knight was born at 8:01 a.m. on April 2, 2015.  He weighed 8 lbs. 9 oz., was 19.5 inches tall, and perfect in every way.  Here is his first portrait, about four minutes after he was born.  
I woke up at about 2:30 a.m. having contractions, but this was not an uncommon thing, so I got up, had some cereal, and waited for the contractions to get closer together or stop.  Neither thing happened until about 5:30, when I thought about going back to bed.  When the idea of going back to bed made me worry about being caught lying in an uncomfortable position for a contraction, I decided to wake Todd up and let him know I was in labor (again).  He started timing contractions, which were getting closer together, and we called the midwife at 6:15.  She said she could meet us at the birth center at 6:45, so we got Jordanne up to watch the kids, let the Christensens know that they would be coming over after breakfast, and headed out. Our midwife, Allie, got stuck in traffic, and arrived just before 7, but our two student assistants and a CNM who is training to join the practice arrived early and set us up.  Right after Allie arrived she broke my water, and 58 excruciating minutes later, Samuel was in my exhausted arms.  For the record, I do not recommend the two hour labor.  Right before I started pushing I said that I had changed my mind, and I would stay pregnant.   But really, and I don't say this because four days has made me forget the experience in the slightest, Sammy is worth it.
Every inch of him is perfect!  He has blonde fuzz on his head and blackish blue eyes that open a little bit wider every day.
Three hours after he was born, we were cleared to go home.  Here is Sammy in his carseat, ready for the ride home.  
We sent Rebecca a message to let her know we were home so that she could bring the kids back, and she was surprised that Sammy had even been born already.  She thought our message that he had arrived was a joke.  This is the sign we found waiting for us at home. 
Jordanne and the kids had gone to the store and picked up flowers for us, too.  
We had a chance to rest for a while before Rebecca brought everyone home, along with dinner, which she somehow made with six kids underfoot.  The children made a lot of noise enthusiastically greeting their new brother.  Jared likes to hold Sam, but he has to be watched, since he doesn't always remember to let us know when he is going to put baby down.  
Eloise has been looking forward to holding a baby for a long time.  Can you tell?
B didn't nap at the Christensens' house, so when we suggested that he take a turn holding the baby, he started to cry. "No hold baby! No hold baby!"  I got them both on my lap and we identified Sammy's eyes, nose, and hands, and B seemed to feel better.
This is our first family portrait with all six of us.
Miraculously we got everyone facing the camera and smiling.
Look at these enormous cheeks!
Sammy gets a lot of love.

Welcome to the world, baby boy.

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