Monday, April 6, 2015

More Waiting for Baby

We knew baby had to be born sometime, since pregnancy is allegedly only nine months long.  When he didn't arrive quite when I expected, I settled into some disgruntled and impatient extra weeks of waiting.  At my midwife appointment on March 23, I learned that I was dilated to 4 cm, so we decided to stay a little closer to home.  We discovered this park in Bothell with a dog area while Jared was in his class at the YMCA.
Jared was mad that we went without him, so we had to go back.
Todd started working from home, convinced that I would go into labor and he wouldn't get the message.  I started into labor on Sunday morning while Todd was in a meeting at church, and, sure enough, I couldn't get ahold of him.  Fortunately, he was sitting by Cambell in the meeting, and Cambell was taking notes on his phone, so he got a message right away, and Todd came flying home.  Jordanne took the kids to church, and we headed for the birth center.  Unfortunately, labor stopped on our way to the birth center, and didn't start again, so we missed church, but still had no baby.

Monday morning, the kids and I were planning to go to Rattlesnake Lake in North Bend for a hike and a picnic, but when we got loaded into the car, we discovered that our car battery had died.  Todd was filling up bike tires using our air pump that plugs into the car on Sunday afternoon and forgot to take out his keys.  On the bright side, if this had been Tucson, we wouldn't have a car anymore, but we still had to get the car jump started.  Our neighbor, Juliana came over and jumped us, but it was too late to drive all of the way to North Bend before lunch, so we went to St. Edward State Park instead, and hiked our picnic down to the waterfront.
The kids got all of their whining out of the way in the morning when our plans kept changing, and were champs on the hike, even though it is uphill all of the way home.  B was too tired to walk most of the way back, since it was nap time, but we took it nice and slow, and I managed to carry him a significant portion of the way with only a couple of breaks.  It was a beautiful day!
That afternoon we had a midwife appointment.  I was starting to feel a little bit like we live at the birth center.  The children certainly make themselves at home.  Jared went straight for the comic books.
B found his favorite trucks.
Eloise snuggled up on me and gobbled up some animal crackers.  I believe that the orange shirt means that she was an orangutan that day.
And here is a black dog costume, complete with upstanding ears.
We settled into our routine of daily walks, chores, games, outside play, and (much appreciated) sleep, and trusted that baby could not stay inside forever.

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