Thursday, March 19, 2015

While we wait for baby

Still no baby on Wednesday, so I decided we couldn't put off planting our garden any longer.  After going to the library in the morning, we went over to get some high quality horse manure compost from our neighbors.  I had to document B letting a horse touch him without screaming and running away.  Megan offered to let Eloise sit on one of the horses after we filled our pails with poo, but she was too shy, B is too afraid of the horses, and Jared wasn't there for the offer.  
 Three hours of work and worm finding later, this is what our garden looks like.  It isn't terribly impressive, but it is a labor of love.

Today I needed to go to a grocery store half an hour north of home to stock up on some canned goods that can be found much cheaper there.  While we were in the neighborhood, and since the kids were very cooperative at the store, I owed them a ferry ride.  We started with a picnic on the beach at the Mukilteo Lighthouse Park.
 These pictures were taken before we added layers of jackets to keep out the blustery sea breeze from Puget Sound.
 As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, B yelled, "Seagulls! Can I go chase seagulls?!"
 After a stop at the bathroom, and a run to the car for B's emergency pants and some extra jackets, we went to the playground.  We stayed there until we saw a ferry approaching.  We grabbed the stroller from the car and jogged to the boat to get aboard before the ferry departed.
 The ticket seller told us that there have been some whale sightings in the sound recently, so we should keep an eye out.  The passage between Mukilteo and Whidbey Island is very narrow, so we didn't expect to see anything.  Eloise preferred to color her ferry coloring book instead of looking out the windows.
 On the return passage we watched the cars being loaded, and the drawbridge being raised.  Then we walked to the opposite end of the ferry to see the shore approaching, but the wind was so strong out front that we could barely stay standing, so we retreated inside.
Once we made landfall, we jogged back to the car, where kids who were previously distracted by the beach had to have picnic round two, and then we drove home.  B fell asleep as soon as the car turned on, I think, since he had only taken two bites of his apple.
And now, if we are lucky, this will be the last big outing before baby brother is born.  We are still taking suggestions for baby boy's name, so get your nominations in soon.

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