Thursday, March 19, 2015

Knights in March

B's favorite song is "I Love to See the Temple."  He has a picture of himself at the temple in his room, which can be seen here, but, while he thinks the baby in this picture is very cute, he doesn't really identify it with himself.  It was time to update, so we met the Christensens at the temple so that Rebecca and I could take turns doing half an hour of temple work and watching all six kids.
 This is the best picture I got of the Knight children.  Now B should be able to recognize himself in his temple picture.
 Jared was not feeling well at the temple.  It is a lot of work to keep track of five energetic children when the sixth one weighs 45 lbs and wants to be held all of the time.
The following day, our ward combined with another ward for a March Madness basketball party.  Jared was feeling better.  He got pretty excited about basketball.
 I may have mentioned that we are having the mildest winter that we have experienced in Washington.  We have had plenty of opportunities to play in the woods.  This was a Sunday afternoon walk with Daddy.  The trail wasn't even very muddy, since we are only getting the occasional rain storm.  These are my future mountain bikers.

 B wiped out on a pinecone and got a big, fat lower lip, but he bounced up and started running again immediately.  There is no sense wasting a good hike being sad about a little blood.

Grandma Jill made a blanket for our new baby.  B, for whom the new baby is still hypothetical, adopted it as his own, and magnanimously bequeathed his own baby blanket to the "new baby."  Both blankets are currently on B's bed. Both are going by the moniker "B's animal blanket."  
B is in for quite the awakening when new baby actually arrives, and I'm not sure that he is going to like it one bit.

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